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30% off

your first subscription order

15% off

every (yes, every!) recurring order


Can I add additional subscription products to my deliveries?

Yes! Tap the account link in the top right corner of the website. Enter your email address and you’ll get a login code - no need to remember a password. Once you’re logged in, confirm that your subscriptions are consolidated into the fewest shipments to get shipping discounts. Then, tap add or edit products and add what you need.

Hang on, how do I subscribe in the first place?

Good question. You can either go into the product page, tap subscribe and save, and choose your frequency, OR add the product to cart, and change to a subscription product anytime in the drawer cart.

What if I only want to add something once to my existing delivery?

Same as above - go into your account, “Edit or Add Product” , hover over the product (on desktop), or tap the product (on mobile), then select “Add one-time.”

How do I change or cancel a delivery?

Go into your account, choose the subscription you’d like to change and hit “Manage Subscription.” and you’ll be able to change the date of the next delivery AND the frequency. Also, if you’re signed up for SMS alerts, you’ll be able to pause, delay, or immediately ship the product from SMS.

How do I apply discounts to a subscription order?

Either at checkout - or if you have one for an active subscription, please reach out to customer service at

Will I be notified about my deliveries?

Yes - you’ll receive an email 3 days before the order charges. Then, one day before it charges, and a confirmation email once the order is charged. If you’ve opted into SMS notifications here, you’ll also receive a text notification 3 days ahead of time.

Can I stack my subscription discount with another code?

No - unfortunately, our ecommerce platform doesn’t allow for multiple codes to be used on the same order. Your 25% off discount will be automatically applied on your first order at checkout. All orders after this are 15% off.

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