The Gang’s All Here.

At EFM, we believe in quality, and that applies to our people, too. We’re proud to work for a company that cares... Wouldya just look at these smiling faces?

  • Chris Stamm headshot

    Chris Stamm

    Co-Founder & COO

    EFM was born when Chris mixed up the very first batch of clean chocolate whey in his kitchen. To this day, he’s our trailblazing formulator, our endearing Stickler For Quality, and the man who makes all your flavor dreams come true.

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “I try to improve one aspect of my life each and every day; it keeps me focused and optimistic. Purposeful exercise every single day: throwing weights around, manual labor outside, or simply stretching. Involving my children and trying to make it fun, with the goal of instilling healthy lifelong habits!”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Keystone Plus Chocolate Collagen, Citrus Elixir Electrolytes, Ca-COW! Chocolate Whey

  • Brooks Miller headshot

    Brooks Miller

    CEO & Captain of Meats

    What do sustainable meat farming and the supp industry have in common? This guy. He’s our Vision Manifestor, our irreplaceable quarterback, the resident authority on all things agricultural, and a master curator of good puns and even better vibes.

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “Olympic lifting, wrestling and lots of jiu jitsu with my four kids. Cooking and making cured meats and wine/cider when time allows. Welding and building shit when the need arises :)”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Peanut Butter Cup Whey, Transcend Creatine, Keystone Collagen

  • Shane headshot

    Shane SyntaxError

    Tech Director & Master of Data

    Equally gifted at IT support *and* emotional support, Shane keeps our site problems low and our morale high. If you’re feeling great about how user-friendly the tools are at EFM, it’s because Shane custom-built it with love. He’s passionate about learning new (and old) programming skills ... If you want to see him get really excited, ask about C++!

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “Mountain biking, video games, making spreadsheets. ... ‘Make lots of mistakes. Don’t make the same mistake twice.’”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Truly Buff Whey, Transcend Creatine, Nocturnal Casein

  • Sara Williams headshot

    Sara Williams

    Creative Director & Illustrator

    Sara is the heART of our branding and art work. Our resident perfectionist, nothing gets by Sara if it doesn’t embody EFM's spirit or support our vision. If she wasn’t arting around for Earth Fed, she’d probably be playing rhythm guitar for Starbenders.

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “Living authentically. Raising happy and wild kiddos, power yoga, learning new songs on the guitar, learning new home renovation skills, less (over)thinking/more intention!”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Keystone Collagen, Morning Charge Creamer, Pina Colada Greens Powder

  • Noah Kennedy-White headshot

    Noah Kennedy-White

    Wholesale Director & Marketing Whiz

    If you think Noah can sling a heavy disc hard, then you should see his smooth sales pitches and killer subject lines. Noah is responsible for keeping more than 600 wholesalers stoked and stocked. When he’s not tending accounts, he’s brainstorming his next Shark Tank pitch.

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    Lift Heavy, Eat Well, Pay Attention. For me, getting Better Every Day usually involves trying to find the line between taking what I do seriously, and taking myself unseriously. It can be a balancing act, but I think it's a pretty fun way to operate.

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Any whey protein, ZMA, Elixir

  • Kristen Roccamanta headshot

    Kristen Roccamanta

    Customer Happiness Officer & Events

    A CrossFit coach, badass mama and EFM’s Next Top Model, Kristen’s smile is as contagious as her customer service is legendary. Kristen takes it personally when a customer leaves unsatisfied, so be prepared for her to go the extra mile for happiness.

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “Being the BEST role model I can be for my daughter, cheering loudly ALWAYS for people in and out of the gym, and PAUSING!... acting and NOT reacting.”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Keystone Collagen, Malty Balls Whey, Strawberry Feels Whey

  • Mandi Roberts headshot

    Mandi Roberts

    Digital Content Manager & Top Chef

    Weightlifting coach and competitor, gym owner, recipe reel goddess: Mandi’s passion for content and partnerships is rivaled only by her knowledge of fine whiskey. If you see someone posting about EFM somewhere, odds are Mandi had a hand in it!

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “I thrive with daily rituals - weightlifting training, read at least 30 minutes, listen to one podcast while on my Peloton or walking our dog, spending quality time hanging with my pup and fiance (probably watching Harry Potter, NCIS, or a cooking show).”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Morning Charge Creamer, Transcend Creatine, Stammpede Lemonade

  • Chrissy Merris headshot

    Chrissy Merris

    Photographer & A1 from Day 1

    Chrissy was Earth Fed before Earth Fed was a thing! She’s our photo magician, OG event maestro, supplier of unusual props, an endless force for creativity, and a serious advocate of wood-grain sunglasses. When she’s not behind the camera, you can find her coaching and planning homeschool adventures!

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “Being the best mother, teacher, coach and friend I can be to those I come in contact with every day. Making art, reading books, hiking, camping, playing, and generally just being outside.”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Keystone Collagen, Transcend Creatine and Earth Fed Armor.

  • Tyler Dunkelberger headshot

    Tyler Dunkelberger

    CFO & HR Dept.

    Tyler puts the anal in business analytics. Not like that silly, it means he’s really critical of how we spend our money. It’s all fun and games until Tyler pulls out the P&L statements, and when he does, you better be able to justify your spend. He’s probably training for a marathon when he's not crunching numbers.

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “Find a form of exercise you enjoy and stay consistent. For me, that is running.”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Common Ground Plant Protein - all 3 flavors!: Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter

  • Earth Fed Muscle employee Hugh Heffer’s headshot

    Hugh Heffer

    Whey Industry Insider, Quality Control

    As a cow, Hugh is an inherent expert on milk - and therefore whey - quality. If there’s one guy you don’t want any beef with, it’s our boy Hugh. He always knows which udders to pull, where the bodies are buried, and how to protect from cowporate espionage.

    Favorite ways to get Better Every Day:
    “Trying to make the best moo sounds on the field, lying down, getting up, and then lying down again”

    Favorite Earth Fed supplements:
    Thicc Mints... The Thiccer, the Better. Truly Buff... The Buffer, the Better.