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Elixir Electrolyte Mix Packets with Himalayan Sea Salt

Don't sweat the small stuff. The thing is, hydration is no small matter! With more than 3 times the electrolytes of a normal sports drink – and none of the added sugar – this elixir won't just mutilate your thirst, it will rehydrate your will to thrive. Mix the elixir and quench your thirst now. It's got electrolytes!

30 stick packs per case

  1. Keto/low carb/paleo friendly formulation gets you the electrolytes you need to replenish after a workout without unnecessary sugar
  2. An imbalance in sodium affects the central nervous system and may manifest in the form of headaches, confusion, irritability
  3. Electrolyte intake, particularly sodium, bypasses dehydration and restores fluid balance in the body.
  1. Mix with about 16oz. of water - a little more or less to suit your taste.
  2. Use as directed by your thirst.
  1. ZERO Added Sugar
  2. Himalayan Salt instead of plain sodium
  3. More of what you need - 3X as much potassium and magnesium