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Keystone Plus Chocolate Collagen

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We all remember what mom used to say, “Do your squats and drink your water.” OK, maybe our mom was a little more intense than most. The fact remains - hydration is a foundational ingredient to life and fitness. On top of that base, we offered the Keystone - the building block protein that makes your body complete. And now, we offer the Plus - the flavor that gives the whole thing some style. Easy to mix, and even easier to drink, Keystone Plus Chocolate is for those of us looking to add a little mocha touch to our morning coffee, mix an EXTRA chocolatey post-workout drink, or just have a bit tastier shot of collagen on its own!

In architecture, the keystone is the central building block that locks the entire system into place. In biology, keystone species are species on which the whole ecosystem depends in order to thrive. And in your body, The Keystone Collagen Superprotein delivers the amino acids needed to power your Earth Fed muscles and operate at the peak of your evolution.

  1. Reduce joint pain and inflammation
  2. Sharply decrease injury recovery time
  3. Improve and promote gut health
  4. Deliver glowing skin and strong hair & nails !
  1. Keystone Plus is a new line of collagen products - check back soon to see what else we're offering!
  2. Dissolves in cold liquids. Add ice after completely mixing into a glass of cool water or juice.
  3. Collagen helps balance your dietary protein ratios
  4. Get the glycine to balance your methionine levels!
  1. Dissolves in any liquid, hot or cold
  2. Drink as is, mixed in your favorite juice or water
  3. Check out our recipe blog!