Better Every Day (The Earth Fed Way)

Earth Fed Muscle was born of a need for a high quality, high performing, great-tasting whey, and our passion for making the best protein on the market is still as strong as Day 1.

There’s a reason we say Better Every Day. It’s the attitude and effort we bring to everything we do — in life, in competition, and in the way we do business.

Our Mission

  • A Better
  • Planet
  • Unparalleled
  • Good For
    Your Gut
  • Independent
    & Family-Run

Better for the Earth, Better for the Animals, Better for Your Body.

We start with Truly Grass Fed™ whey isolate because it’s better for the animals, better for the earth, and fuels our bodies as nature intended.

TGF farms make the most of Ireland’s natural precipitation, saving energy by eliminating mechanical irrigation. TGF farmers cultivate grasslands that maintain soil health & convert large amounts of CO2 into oxygen every single day.

We partner with Truly Grass Fed™ to bring you the betterest whey on the planet.

Real ingredients, unparalleled flavor.

Our recipes are simple, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor! There’s no chalky or chemical aftertaste here. We make our products from clean, real-food ingredients, and you can tell. FLAVOR is the #1 reason our customers keep coming back!

The Earth Fed Muscle team members The members of the Earth Fed Muscle team

Family-run from Day 1

We’re proud to be an independent, family-run business because it gives us the freedom to craft our products with the cleanest and most delicious methods possible.
Person scooping Whey Back vanilla protein into a shaker bottle Person making a vanilla-flavored protein shake

Good for Your Gut

Clean ingredients — clean digestion. We hear it all the time: “This is the ONLY whey that doesn’t upset my stomach!”

Grass-Fed Whey



Why we went all the way
to Ireland for our whey.

“It’s minimal ingredients that are properly sourced, that actually taste good. That’s the feedback we get every day… you guys being transparent about what’s in the product, how it’s made, is why I keep coming back.”

Brooks Miller CEO, Earth Fed Muscle