Why Go Grass Fed?

Your health is the number one priority. We’re with you. It’s why we curate every recipe and every ingredient in our supplements.

As farmers and consumers, we know that pastured livestock can help mitigate climate change. Grasslands pull carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil, “sequestering” it there safely. We know that small, family farms are only viable if they have a market for their product, and we believe in supporting farmers who also behave like the future matters.

Check out a few of the reasons the Truly Grass Fed group of farmers convinced us of their commitment to sustainability!

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Truly Grass Fed

Our cows spend most of the year outdoors, grazing in the fresh air. Minimum 250 days a year and over 95% grass fed (taking inclement weather into account).

• Every farm is Non-GMO Project Verified.

• All milk is RBST-Free. No synthetic hormones are used EVER.

• All milk is antibiotic free. Small herds, fresh air and better management leads to healthier cows.

• All Truly Grass Fed animals are Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW.

Earth Fed Muscle protein is certified with the Truly Grass Fed seal.

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Ireland boasts a yearly grass growth rate that exceeds the European average by more than a third, so it’s no wonder this majestic nation is home to some of the world’s finest grass-fed dairy. Of the many grass varieties, dairy farmers tend to cultivate varieties that offer exceptional nutritional value and easy digestibility for cows. Truly Grass Fed farmers also add clover to the mix for nutritional value and to aid the natural nitrogen balance in the soil.

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Limestone soils are one of Ireland’s most powerful assets, and they are the basis for a Truly Grass Fed diet. Lime is a natural neutralizing agent and it is massively beneficial to grass growth. To keep our pastures fresh, we encourage our farmers to test their soils every three to five years, add the recommended nutrients and reseed as appropriate to replenish grass variety.

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