How To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

How To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

You’ve heard it before...Getting old sucks. Guess what young guys? It does! Waking up fatigued, losing muscle mass, lacking sex drive, having low motivation, these are all symptoms of men with low testosterone. Yep, that’s right - not old men, just low-test men!

If you’ve been worried about your failing body, your fading physical performance, or your sinking sex drive, then read on! Try these simple tips whenever you experience the symptoms of low testosterone. 

Take Your Vitamin D

One German study linked low Vitamin D with low testosterone levels. By supplementing consistently with Vitamin D, the body is capable of producing more testosterone, leading to an improvement in overall energy and increased muscle mass. These are key factors for improved health. 

Get your daily dose of D by being outside in the summer months from May until September for an hour in the morning. During that time and throughout the remainder of the year, take one Morning Ritual multi-vitamin daily for 4,000 IUs of Vitamin D. This is the prime dosage to put serum Vitamin D in the sweet spot after 3-4 weeks of supplementation. 

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Morning Ritual

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Morning Ritual

Crush Your Zinc

Since World War 2, soils throughout the planet have slowly become deficient in zinc and other micronutrients. At the same time, male testosterone levels have consistently been dropping! There are many environmental factors that cause these issues but some researchers have also explained the correlation. 

Is zinc the missing link in testosterone modulation? By testing zinc supplementation in zinc-deficient adult males, scientists concluded that zinc has a statistically significant positive impact on testosterone levels.

While researching treatment for my own case of Lyme disease, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Eugene Shippen, the Godfather of Testosterone. Dr. Shippen made it clear that zinc is a crucial mineral he uses to positively influence testosterone levels. He uses 40-90mg of zinc a day in his practice to lowering estrogen levels which, in turn, enhances testosterone levels and improve energy and sex drive. 

Taking two capsules of Forty Winkz before bedtime will get you started on your quest back to optimal test!

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Forty Winkz (formerly ZMA Advanced)

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Forty Winkz (formerly ZMA Advanced)

The Most Overlooked Performance Enhancer

It can improve your cognitive ability, increases sex drive, enhances the development of lean muscle mass and improves your general mood. What is this magical supplement? SLEEP!!

Science has shown time and again that poor quality and short-lived sleep can have a significant negative effect on testosterone levels. Ever wonder why you get so cranky and short with people when you are fatigued and tired? Your testosterone is dropping and cortisol is rising. Your body is begging you to sleep and recover!

Zinc and Magnesium and Vitamin B6 along with choline and Vitamin C have all been shown to increase sleep quality. Couple that with the research and performance of Zinc alone and now you’re sleeping better and increasing your testosterone to boot! Forty Winkz is the supplement of choice for this testosterone tag team!

For the best possible sleep:

  1. Avoid blue light or electronics for 1 hour prior to sleep.
  2. Establish an evening routine with your significant other. 
  3. Don’t eat 1 hour prior to sleep.
  4. Meditate, be mindful and prepare for your next day 30 minutes prior to your sleep period.
  5. Take 2 pills of Forty Winkz to enable the magnesium and zinc to enhance your sleep experience.

Get That Lean Muscle Mass

We’ve all seen that dude: super lean, jacked arms, perfect skin, a great looking guy and a stud to boot! Odds are that guy focused incredibly hard on eating as cleanly as possible and spends hours in the gym building lean muscle mass. This constant focus on nutrition and healthy habits have established a healthy body that responds with a higher level of testosterone. 

Healthy habits are the absolute fastest ways to enhance testosterone levels. By losing visceral fat, gaining muscle mass and burning calories, the body responds by producing more testosterone for recovery. 

Finally, lean muscle mass is simply associated with higher test levels. Lift weights, eat more protein, eat cleaner, have less stress and lift weights again...those are real simple tips to gaining some points on your testosterone scale and living a long, strong life.

So how do you be strong and live long? Boost your man oil prescription with these 4 simple tasks: 

  1. Get That Sleep!
  2. Take 3 Earth Fed Morning Ritual (Vitamin D and more)
  3. Train Hard: Focus on squats, deadlifts, presses and rows to improve your lean muscle mass and enhance your testosterone
  4. Pick your favorite flavor and get 2g protein/KG of bodyweight to ensure you have ample gains. 

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