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Love Earth Fed Muscle? Already a wholesale partner? REALLY want to meet the cool people behind the mountain logo?? We do a ton of events, and we get asked to do a whole lot more, which is why we created this page.

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  • During the first two weeks of each quarter, we’ll review outstanding submissions for the upcoming quarter. For example, if you have an event in May (Q2), make sure to submit by the first two weeks of Q1 (January 1st-14th).

    Review Schedule:

    • Q1 Events: 1/1-1/14
    • Q2 Events: 4/1-4/14
    • Q3 Events: 7/1-7/14
    • Q4 Events: 10/1-10/14

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear back from you?

Expect to hear back from us by the end of the 2 week review period. More than likely, we’ll reach out to you earlier than that, but turnaround time on submissions will depend on the overall volume of submissions we receive.

Do you sponsor all timely submissions?

We will accept event submissions on a first come, first serve basis, so once our allotted budget is exhausted, we won’t be able to accept more submissions.