• Ministry of Athletes & Fanatics Influencing & Ambassadoring

    Do you love EFM and have a passion for sharing it? We started the Earth Fed MAFIA (Ministry of Athletes & Fanatics Influencing & Ambassadoring) as a way for athletes and wellness-minded people to connect with us while earning points towards products and gear. All communications take place on the Slack app!

    Goals of the MAFIA:

    β€’ Create opportunities for engagement within the EFM community

    β€’ Increase brand awareness and spread the word on new Earth Fed products and promotions
    β€’ Help you earn points toward products!
    β€’ Foster a positive relationship between EFM and our awesome community :)
    β€’ Create opportunities for in-person events coordination
    β€’ Tap into your unique experiences and perspectives as customers

  • Program Perks

    Personalized Discount Link

    Create a personalized EFM discount code to share in your social media bio and feed so you can influence and ambassador to your heart's content.

    MAFIA Exclusive Promos

    Get access to Family-only discounts and promotions!

    Points for Sharing Content
    MAFIA members have the opportunity to earn points in several ways. Points are redeemable point-for-dollar on earthfedmuscle.com. For example, earn 10+ points each time you share promotions and new products at our request (more followers = more points).

    Pennies For Your Thoughts
    Well, not literal pennies. But we also award points for taking product/branding surveys and reviewing products when we request it!

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