Amanda Leve's Training Camp Supplement Stack

Amanda Leve's Training Camp Supplement Stack

EFM Elite athlete, Amanda Leve, is heading into training camp for her PFL fight on February 3rd. She carefully selected her supplement stack for this preparation time. Here's what she's using and why:

1. Arctic Advantage

"It's packed with Omega 3's so it's going to keep my heart healthy and my joints healthy all during my training camp."

2. Forty Winkz ZMA

"It's packed with zinc, magnesium, vitamin C. It's going to be great for my immunity. It's going to help me sleep better, and it's just going to be an all around great recovery tool."

3. Morning Charge

"I'm a coffee person, and it's not because I need the caffeine. It's more or less [that] I just love the routine of coffee. This is a lions mane supplement. It's going to be great for cognitive function, keeping me sharp so I can kick some ass in the training room."

4. Whey Back

"This is going to be keeping my muscles strong, providing muscle fuel, and keeping me strong all the way up til my fight."

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