Primitive Protein Banana Whey

$ 44.99
  • Primitive Protein Banana Whey

Primitive Protein Banana Whey

$ 44.99

Earth Fed Muscle Primitive Protein is the perfect protein supplement for your health goals. Our famous 4-ingredient combination delivers high-quality whey protein to enhance diet quality and promote muscle recovery. This product includes:

  • rGBH-free Whey Protein Concentrate 
  • Organic Non-GMO Stevia Extract to organically brighten the flavor
  • Sunflower Lechitin to maintain quality throughout production
  • And organic freeze-dried banana powder for real banana flavor
  • And that’s it!

Science has repeatedly revealed the benefits of whey protein for living a healthy lifestyle and improving athletic performance, but what makes Primitive Protein better than the rest? In our protein, you will find NO fillers, flow agents, or synthetic blends- just the 4 components you need to reach your health and fitness goals. All ingredients are naturally sourced to prevent the bloating or digestive problems that may come after the consumption of other brands.

Like to make smoothies or protein-enchanced products?   You won’t find a protein that’s easier to blend or mix!   Natural ingredients= Protein Product friendly!

This combination is used by Olympic and professional athletes and can be found in homes and gyms worldwide!  We prioritize your short and long-term health, and we invite you to revamp your protein supplementation with our Primitive Protein!