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Forty Winkz (formerly ZMA Advanced) (FREE GIFT)

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The hustle is a badge of honor these days, but if you don’t give yourself the time and tools to recover, the rewards will come at the cost of your mental and physical health. Listen to your body – it’ll tell you that it needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to function at its best. This Earth Fed Essential – an advanced combination of zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, choline and vitamin C – will help you zero in on your one true superpower: a good night’s sleep.

  1. Zinc L-carnosine is more bioavailable, and helps to balance the immune system and normalize hormone levels.
  2. Vitamin B6 Increases Serotonin - the happy hormone
  3. Contains bio-available vitamin C for nervous system recovery and immune system health
  1. Take bout 30 minutes before bedtime
  2. 150 lb adults take 2 pills
  3. 200 lbs adults take 3 pills
  1. Immunity Boost
  2. Brain Health
  3. Reduces Inflammation
  4. Naturally increase your testosterone!