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The Power of the Partnership

Welcome to the Earth Fed Muscle Wholesale Partner family!

We understand what it's like to own and operate a small, family-owned business. That's exactly why we've built a program to help other small businesses pad their bottom lines by reselling products they can truly trust and believe in. All orders receive not only great margins, but also free shipping!

Our mission is to help you, your business, and your clients in every way that we possibly can. 

The scales are stacked in your favor!



For example: 

  • An order of 5 Whey Proteins, 5 Pre-workouts, 5 Intra-workouts, 5 Collagens, 5 Creatines, 5 ZMAs, and 5 Multivitamins will yield a profit of over $500
  • Do that once a month and you'll quickly see that not only your clients will feel the benefits; your bottom line will love EFM too!
  • We have numerous owners that pay the entire salary of an employee with the passive income they make selling Earth Fed Muscle products.

Simple products, simple ingredients, and a simple formula for making money.

Your first order with us will also include:

  • Free shipping - which all Wholesale orders receive
  • A banner to hang at your facility
  • Shaker bottles and shirts for you and your staff. 
  • Sample packs to share

For ordering, you can either email and have him build an invoice, or go through the regular checkout process and use the provided discount codes. 

Once you carry EFM supplements, you will experience the positive feedback of customers who love effective, consistent, clean products like ours. Our feedback from customers shows consistent satisfaction. You can expect the same from your clients. 

Order now for 40% off and free EFM goodies!

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