Sam Mattis

discus thrower
Sam Mattis is a professional discus thrower. He spins one and a half times in a concrete circle and attempts to throw a plate-shaped metal object as far as he can. Sam stumbled onto the glamorous path to becoming a discus thrower by stumbling over a hurdle in eighth grade. Luckily for him, his failed track career turned into a successful field career in a few years. From a personal best of 77 feet after his first discus competition, Sam went on to win three NJ State Championships (2010-2012), two New Balance High School National Championships (2011-2012), four Ivy League Championships (2013-2016), one NCAA Championship (2015), and this past year, his first USATF Championship (2019). Along the way he set the NJ state record and NCAA American record in discus.

In 2019 Sam qualified for his first World Championships team by winning the USATF Championships with an Olympic-qualifying throw, and will be headed to Doha, Qatar to compete against the best 540-degree turners the world has to offer.