Max Snyder

man climbing bouldering up a wall
"Climbing means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It's really hard to pinpoint what the draw is or why its so captivating to me, but the physical element of it all is truly alluring."
For Max, one of the of the greatest aspects of climbing is taking a route that felt so impossible the first time he tried it, and making it feel fluid and effortless.
Max started climbing at 18, so he improved rather quickly, climbing 5.13c and v10 within a hand full of seasons. But he hit his natural peak within a few years. Max spun his wheels for a while, just expecting to get better and improve, but it wasn't until he decided to go back to school that he realized he needed to refine his tactics and make better use of his time. He's had structured training since 2016 and since then he's gotten in the best shape of his life, single sessioning 5.13 and v10, and sending his long term goal of 5.14.
"Earth Fed Nocturnal, Primitive Protein, Revival, and Collagen have really become a key part in letting me get as many quality sessions in as I can, and still perform my best on the weekends. Without them, I definitely wouldn't be able to go 5 days on of intense try hard, and not just be a useless pile at the end of the week."