Gemma Nanista

"I am from Stamford, Connecticut. I was born into a very athletic family. I have always been in sports from horseback riding, hockey, snowboarding, and then finding my passion with playing volleyball. After an injury, my dreams of playing volleyball in college came to an end. However, as one door closes another one always opens.

It wasnโ€™t until college down in East Carolina when I found what I actually was truly passionate about. At the age of 19, I won all my classes and was the overall winner for my first ever bodybuilding bikini show. That win allowed me to become nationally qualified with the new path of becoming an IFBB pro. I will work as hard as possible to achieve this milestone. Years of being an athlete has allowed me to become and stay disciplined in bikini as well as push myself as hard as possible day in and out. After years of trying to find what makes me happy and what Iโ€™m good at, I have finally found my โ€œwhy.โ€

With this passion, I am in school as a double major in health fitness specialist and sports nutrition. My career goal is to work in a professional sports setting as a registered sports dietician and/or strength and conditioning coach."