Charelle Brown

Hello everyone! I’m Charelle! I am from Kewa Pueblo in New Mexico and a recent graduate of Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. I have been Olympic lifting for about two years now. Prior to finding the sport we all love, I did Crossfit for about a year and a half. For most of the pandemic now, I have been lifting at home with the Catalyst Athletics’ Online Team. As an Indigenous woman, my wellness goals align with being a stronger community member as to always remain an active participant in my community’s culture and traditions. Like many lifters, I’m working towards qualifying for the American Open in March. I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. You can expect that my time with Earth Fed Muscle will at the very least include creating new recipes with EFM supplements and increasing Indigenous representation in Olympic lifting. I’m thrilled to be part of such an incredible company that already finds ways to celebrate and contribute to the wellness of Indigenous Peoples’!