Wholesaler Spotlight: Pilgrim's Market

Wholesaler Spotlight: Pilgrim's Market

Welcome to Wholesaler Spotlight!

We are excited to feature some of our wholesale partners, both new and OG. EFM is partnered with all types of businesses across the country and beyond and proud to continue growing our wholesale family.

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Tell us a little about yourself and your business. What kind of facility do you have? Who do you serve?

Pilgrims Market is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and were a large volume independent natural foods and supplements retailer. We serve a diverse population from hardcore health conscience peeps to folks just starting to make positive health choices.

Why did you choose to become a wholesaler with EFM?

As a former bodybuilder and Scottish Highlands athlete, I’m always on the hunt for clean alternatives to the chemical filled synthetic ingredients that a lot of sports nutrition proteins and supplements are full of. Earth Fed Muscle totally checked the box!! I love the products and the branding esthetics is a great match for Pilgrims!

How has selling EFM in your facility helped/changed your business?

Though we just brought EFM in, I’m looking forward to growing the line and giving our customers cleaner options to help support their active lifestyle.

What has helped you be successful as an EFM wholesaler?

Giving our customers cleaner sports nutrition options to support their health conscience lifestyle.

What do your clients love about having EFM available to them?

Great tasting products that work!

What are your best-selling products and why?

The Grass Fed Whey Proteins have sold the best so far. Our customer base loves their grass feed dairy products!

What advice can you give to other wholesalers?

Understanding the damage that synthetic ingredients in sports nutrition products can cause to our body makes it even more important in solidifying the choice to purchase EFM. Better ingredients, better performance, better health!

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