Wholesaler Spotlight: Olya Schaefer

Wholesaler Spotlight: Olya Schaefer

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We are excited to feature some of our wholesale partners, both new and OG. EFM is partnered with all types of businesses across the country and beyond and proud to continue growing our wholesale family.

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Today we are featuring: Olya Schaefer, owner of The Athleticus in Gulfport, FL

How did you get into athletics/training/sports?
I got into fitness as an adult, I didn't do anything sports-related as a kid. Like a lot of women, I wanted to look good, keep my weight stable and just really cared mostly about aesthetics. I tried different things - running, big box gyms, CrossFit, and over time just became a person who works out, just as a lifestyle.

Who do you work with/train with?
I own a boutique personal training studio called The Athleticus in Gulfport, Florida. Our focus is strength training through injuries, helping people feel confident and strong in the gym. We are a private and exclusive space with a limit of just 42 members to ensure privacy and personalized attention. We really take pride in how tailored and focused we are with each client.

Tell us about your business. What kind of facility do you have? Who do you serve?
We're an exclusive personal training studio, with a cap of 42 members in total, and only 4 clients training at any given time. This way, it's always really personal, never crowded and allows for a complete focus on our clients. We love working with people who are in pain. Lots of people are living with back aches, neck issues, old sports injuries that still prevent them from having the life and body they want. We can help! We also have great success with women who want to gain strength and muscle, who aren't afraid of lifting heavy. As our local area gows and more people come into the Tampa Bay region, I've found that a lot of people are looking for very personalized and goal-oriented training, and we provide that to our clients.

What are your personal current training goals?
I've had quite the holiday season of just, all out eating. So right now I'm working on getting my body fat percentage back to 22 or so.

What is your favorite hobby outside the gym?
I play weekly trivia with some friends, love walking with my dog Maggie, and am involved in my neighborhood association.

If you had to pick three people to be on your team for the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why?
My husband, because he's my husband and also because he's a retired Army Special Forces officer, so he knows a lot about a lot when it comes to survival and warfare. Alex Hormozi, he's a brilliant strategist and is built like a tank so he'd be a twofer. Then I guess one of the Crossfit games athletes, they all seem to be well rounded, insanely strong and up for anything.

What is the best piece of fitness advice you've ever been given?
It's the old trite and true one - you have to find something you love doing and then it won't feel like a chore. I love weight lifting, if I'd found it earlier in life I would have been much happier. I spent my 20's strapped to a treadmill and I never really was into it.

What is your favorite and least favorite type of workout?
I love the big lifts, doing 5 x 5's

How long have you been using EFM products?
I discovered EFM a few months ago and absolutely love the protein powders, all of them!

How did you decide to become a wholesaler?
We always recommend protein to clients and advise them to get more of it. Naturally people would ask me for recommendations. So I started looking into what's good, sampling things.

How has selling EFM in your facility helped or changed your business?
It's been a nice add on for me and my husband, we are huge fans. It's also been great to be able to provide samples to everyone, my coaching team and clients. So rather than just saying, Get more protein, being able to give a specific recommendation and samples to get them started.

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What are your favorite EFM products?
Strawberry Feels and Whey Back vanilla protein powders are just awesome.

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What do your clients love about having EFM products available to them?
I think people enjoy the ease and convenience of having a group order.
What are your clients' favorite EFM products? The Stampede and morning charge products are a hit

What has helped you to be successful as an EFM wholesale partner?
I like and use the products, and so I feel really good about promoting and recommending them. That was key for me. I would not resell anything that I myself do not use or like.

Any advice for other wholesalers?
I would say, make it as easy as possible for your clients to place orders, set up automated reminders for them.

How do you want to be remembered?
What impact do you want to have? My mission is to help make Gulfport and St. Pete healthier, stronger, fitter and more confident, 42 people at a time.

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