Wholesaler Spotlight: Achieve Wellness & Fitness

Wholesaler Spotlight: Achieve Wellness & Fitness

Welcome to Wholesaler Spotlight!

We are excited to feature some of our wholesale partners, both new and OG. EFM is partnered with all types of businesses across the country and beyond and proud to continue growing our wholesale family.

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Today we are featuring: Achieve Wellness & Fitness

Tell us a little about yourself and your business. What kind of facility do you have? Who do you serve?

Achieve Wellness & Fitness is a gym that specializes in individualized program design. Our clients workout in a semi-private setting with a program that has been designed specific to them and their goals and abilities. We like to think of it as a community of people working towards their individual goals.

What kinds of services and goods does your facility have?

We are primarily an individual-design gym and our clients workout in a coach-led semi-private setting.  Our clients' primary interests range from your everyday physical fitness, to some folks that have CrossFit and Strong(wo)man interests.  We do have some group class offerings on occasion. 

How  did you learn about Earth Fed Muscle?

A few years back, I won a container in a raffle at a Strongman Competition! I enjoyed it then and have stuck with it since.

Why did you choose to sell Earth Fed Muscle?

I won't sell a product that I don't also use and trust for myself. I trust and believe in EFM and therefore, feel confident in suggesting the product to my clients.

How has selling Earth Fed Muscle in your facility helped or changed your business?

I like selling EFM because they are also a Pennsylvania business. When people "shop local" with me, they are also supporting Pennsylvania as a whole.

What has helped you to be successful as an Earth Fed Muscle wholesale partner?

Each of my clients receive a sample on their first day. In addition, I have samples on hand for sale and encourage clients to "try before they buy." I try to minimize any risk the client is taking by purchasing the product.

What do your clients love about having Earth Fed Muscle available to them?

I believe they like the "try before you buy" and the convenience of being able to purchase right at the gym versus making another stop elsewhere. They also know it is used by the coaches here which adds another layer of trust in the product.

What are your best selling products?

A tough one! Primarily protein powder, with electrolytes and collagen being close runners up.

What advice can you give to other wholesalers?

Utilize the product yourself.  Make it easy for your clients to purchase from you.  Don't sell people what they don't need.

Love Achieve Wellness & Fitness? Check out their website here.

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