Traveling Abroad: The Love and Hate Relationship

Traveling Abroad: The Love and Hate Relationship

There was a time when hitch-hiking was my preferred mode of transportation. Very few experiences in life can match the self-knowledge gained on the road. With maturity and the responsibility of coaching, a new world of travel has opened up for me. Fortunately, I conquered my fear of flying so now I’ve added Asia, South America, Central America, Europe, and all over North America to my travel journals.

Being far from home causes me homesickness and the aggravation of running businesses remotely, but more than anything, travel for the competition is an experience I won’t likely give up soon.


It’s Work

Malaysia, Ecuador, Uzbekistan, Japan...just a few of the countries I have visited and traveled through while coaching Olympic weightlifters and track and field athletes. When I tell someone where I am heading, they always seem excited, they think it’s a vacation and I am heading out of town to party for 5-10 days.

Athletes and coaches are traveling to get work done, to continue preparation, to focus on the goal of becoming an international champion and to experience the joy of seeing hard work come to fruition on a platform or within a discus or shot put circle.

Of course, it is enjoyable and rewarding to travel to foreign countries, to be around people of different backgrounds and to consistently gain a different perspective on living.


Travel used to be a difficult task, I’d wait until the last minute to pack and write long notes to my kids thinking I may never return. Now I’m a smarter traveler and I start by packing as many Earth Fed Muscle products as possible, to ensure I will be fully nourished for the duration of the trip.

Earth Fed Travel Basics
  • Earth Fed Essentials: key for feeling energetic from time changes
  • ZMA Advanced: imperative for time zone adaptation and also to aid in sleep on airplanes!
  • Primitive Protein: some countries do not have a ton of protein with their meals, If I have any hope of being swole AF, I need to make sure my protein intake remains around 1.8g-2g/kg bodyweight
  • Primitive Pancakes: Get a mug, mix the pancake up and throw it into a hotel microwave. This is a gluten-free pancake or muffin with 20g of carbs and 24g of protein, a perfect lightweight travel concoction for optimal nutrition.

Be sure to pack powders in a double wrapped Ziploc bag! After the important items are packed, I grab clothes, toiletries, and any electronics I’ll need to work on the road.

Rewards vs. Struggle

The rumor is that Americans are hated throughout the world. People have consistently treated me like a king. I try to return the favor so I can learn about their culture and their personality! Normally I’m asked about our living standard in the U.S., what it’s like to have Donald Trump as a president and what kind of food we eat. Seeing their reactions, listening to their perception of America, and dispelling or confirming myths makes for a very special experience.

What is the struggle? Being away from family and home is difficult, being away from home in a time zone that is ten hours different is extremely hard. It is virtually impossible to get ahold of the family and have good conversations with my kids and wife when they are going to bed around the time I am waking.

The other struggle can be the size of the beds and of course, the heat. Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Malaysia, Guatemala are freaking HOT. Their beds are small, hard and they have adapted to the warmer climate. I know, I sound like a pompous American. I am only complaining because it is “uncomfortable” and different from what I am used to.

Nothing is harder than being away from my wife and kids while in another country. It sparks a sense of helplessness. Your child is sick and you are on another continent? Well, there is NOTHING you can do other than tell them you love them and will give them a massive hug when you come home! That’s what also makes travel great.

father with twins

It’s emotional distress that leads to a new-found, consistent understanding of how sincere and deep familial love can travel. Haven’t seen your wife and kids for 2 weeks? Nothing beats seeing them for the first time after a long trip.

How to Handle it?

Food preparation is key, as is fitness and exercise. Whenever I am abroad on a trip, I will go for a walk or attempt to get a lift at the hotel whenever possible. Being active creates positive mental well being and that helps make travel a lot easier. I write down my thoughts and feelings about what I miss most about my family, my business and even my local area.

This is one positive way I handle the stress of being away from my children. I ALWAYS try to bring home foreign currency as well. When I bring home currency from another country, my children LOVE it and think it is the coolest thing ever.

Always pack your EFM supplements to keep things comfortable from a culinary experience, recognize that ANY form of fitness, be it bodyweight or walking or simple bodybuilding movements can all lead to an improvement in general well being of the human organism. Be sure to make time for long walks to gain a feel for the location and eat as much foreign food as possible.

Create a positive experience, embrace the emotions and always be open-minded. The overall key? ZMA Advanced is the best supplement for travel because it aids in sleep and the better our sleep is, the healthier we will feel!

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