The role of supplementation in yoga practice with Sandra Arechaederra - Earth Fed Muscle
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March 12, 2017 3 min read

Sandra Arechaederra is the head mobility coach at a top weightlifting gym and an avid yoga practitioner.  She joined Team EFM in late 2016 and has played a major role in introducing the supplements to the yoga community.  You've probably seen the amazing pictures of her poses with Earth Fed Muscle Products.  Read below to see what Sandra has to say about yoga & EFM!
How do you think Earth Fed Muscle supplements fit into the yoga community?
For yoga, it is more about what they don't do. I don't feel bloated, I don't consume artificial sweeteners or other ingredients, and I don't have to worry about whether or not my supplements are good for my health.
With Earth Fed Muscle, I can live the life I want without the side effects that come from most supplement companies, and for that I am thankful!
Q:  What are some of your favorite stretches?
A:  Every day I stretch five main areas - ankles, hamstrings, hips, wrists and shoulders.  That hits all the basics and keeps the overall body mobile.  My favorite stretch is a seated forward fold which works deep in the belly of the hamstrings.
Q:  What is your favorite yoga pose?
A: Anything upside down - Handstand, Forearmstand, Headstand. I love to be upside down, as you can tell from all of my pictures on the Earth Fed Muscle Instagram!
Q: Say you have a big day of lifting and are teaching yoga the next day, how do you prepare the night before?
A: I stretch the night before to unwind and then use the new ZMA Advanced before bed. I find it helps me to recover quicker when balancing my own lifting/yoga and teaching becomes more difficult.  Sleep is one of the most important aspects to successful yoga practice.
Q: Are you conscious of eating clean all the time?
A: I love food and pretty much eat what I want, but I am strict about my supplements.  Recently, I am sure to have a Earth Fed Muscle protein shake regularly to help with my energy and strength.  I find that this, in addition to a balanced diet, is the best way to remain physically able to practice yoga on a daily basis while also strength training.
Q: In terms of Earth Fed Muscle, what are your favorite products?
First and foremost, the pumpkin flavored protein called Witch's Whey is my absolute favorite supplement product in the world. I know it's only released once a year, but I've saved some for when I'm really craving pumpkin!  After Witch's Whey, chocolate is my favorite because it blends with just about everything. 
I stopped taking creatine years ago because it upset my stomach. EFM's Creastrength is so pure that I am able to use it while strength training without the stomach pains.  
Last but not least, I highly recommend the Stammpede as an energy supplement. I can complete my strength training and move on to yoga without needing an extensive break to calm my body from crazy jitters or a crash. For anyone that does yoga and also practices other forms of fitness, this supplement is perfect for keeping you focused and energized. The more I write about it, the more I realize that EFM products do all of these great things. 

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