Team USA at IWF Worlds

Team USA at IWF Worlds

The IWF World Weightlifting Championships start today in Bogota, Colombia, and Team USA has a talented squat looking to take home some medals (including three of our Earth Fed Elite Athletes - Hayley, Jake, and Juliana).

Want to watch them live or on demand? Our friends at Weightlifting House will be broadcasting every session, including commentary by Seb and Max Aita. Click here to get your tickets to watch Worlds here.

Check out the full schedule for Team USA below:

December 5th
Ciciely KYLE, W45 A @ 7pm EST

December 6th
Gabriel CHHUM, M55 B @ 930pm EST
Jourdan DELACRUZ, W49 A @ 4pm EST
Hayley REICHARDT, W49 A @ 4pm EST

December 7th
Hampton MORRIS, M61 B @ 1130am EST
Shayla MOORE, W55 A @ 7pm EST

December 8th
Taylor WILKINS, W59 B @ 430pm EST

December 9th
Jacob HORST, M73 C @ 1130am EST
Ryan GRIMSLAND, M73 B @ 2pm EST

December 10th
Beau BROWN, M89C @ 1130am EST
Matthew MCCULLOUGH, M81 C @ 230pm EST

December 11th
Travis COOPER, M81 B @ 1130am EST
Nathan DAMRON, M89 A @ 7pm EST

December 12th
Olivia REEVES, W71 A @ 7pm EST
Katherine NYE, W71 A @ 7pm EST

December 13th
Ryan SESTER, M102 B @ 1130am EST
Martha ROGERS, W76 A @ 430pm EST
Wesley KITTS, M102 A @ 7pm EST

December 14th
Juliana RIOTTO, W87 A @ 7pm EST

December 15th
Sarah ROBLES, W+87 A @ 430pm EST

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