Anyone Can Get Strong (and Should)

Anyone Can Get Strong (and Should)

When I was in college, I can remember my roommate going to the gym daily to do her “cardio.” I reluctantly tagged along to walk beside her a few times as she clocked calories burned on the elliptical machine. I couldn’t help but feel like a hamster on a w heel, mostly because I was bored and also because I have never felt built for long distance or endurance exercise.

The discovery of strength training was a complete game-changer for me. I started in the weight room my freshman year with all kinds of new lifts that I had no experience with. The novelty of and interest in new movements drove me to show up, time and time again, doing the same things over again, each time with a little more finesse. After a year of measurable progress, I knew I’d found a lifelong love in strength.

Fast forward 10 years later to 2018, the year I opened Her Strength Studio . I opened Her Strength because I believe that anyone can get strong, regardless of age, experience, injury, limitation, or season of life. I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of women along the way, and here’s what I’ve learned: There are actually zero downsides to being strong. Gaining strength does not need to be coupled with a weight loss or body composition goal, because it is truly good in its own right.

In a concrete sense, strength leads to:

  • increased skeletal muscle (which has anti-inflammatory effects on the body)
  • healthy bone density (preventing and reversing osteopenia and osteoporosis)
  • great posture (preventing back pain and improving breathing mechanics)
  • blood sugar regulation
  • hormone balance
  • improved sleep and energy levels (allowing the body to regulate and heal itself)
  • mental health (endorphins and neurotrophic factor (BDNF)

The intangibles are just as important: confidence, resilience, independence, competence, motivation, and self-satisfaction can all result from improving strength and quality of movement.

The most incredible part of strength training is that literally anyone can do it, one way or another. There is no body type that has greater advantage to gaining strength. Barriers (injuries, mobility issues) can be worked around and improved over time, and everyone can start exactly where they are. Progress is easily measurable and trackable, and all you have to do is show up and be consistent.

Nora Matthew is an EFM Wholesaler and Partner
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