Reppin' My Whey: Rima Bauer

Reppin' My Whey: Rima Bauer

Welcome to the first feature in our Reppin' My Way(/Whey;)) series! Here we'll highlight members of the EFM community, the fun facts that make them unique and how EFM has made a difference in their lives. Let's hear it for Rima!:

Intro- Name, age (if you want), sport, background, favorite hobby outside training.

Hi! My name is Rima Bauer and I am a 28 (going on 29 this month) year old retired competitive swimmer, lover of all food, and lemur addict. I swam competitively for over 13 years and ended my career at Denison University with 2x NCAA Championship and 3x All American titles in sprint freestyle events. Currently, I work in the civil engineering field and enjoy lifting, yoga, hiking, and throwing the frisbee around outdoors. 

Earth Fed Muscle Reppin My Whey Rima Bauer

What’s your walkout song and why?

My walkout song would be “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. Although I love the Top Gun movies, the choice of this song comes from an inside joke. Growing up, I was always SUPER cautious and careful to avoid getting myself into trouble or injured. It became a running joke with my friends about how thoughtful I would be with my activities. Combined with the fact that I was never assigned a middle name from my parents, my friends lovingly graced me with “Danger” as my new middle name. “Danger Zone” just embodies that whole sentiment.   

If you had to pick 3 people for your team on the zombie apocalypse, who would you pick and why? 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – I think this choice kind of speaks for itself: he is strong, smart, and resourceful! 
Usain Bolt – He could create distractions or ward zombies off by outrunning them. 
Chef Cat Cora – She’s an intense yet imaginative chef that could provide us with meals no matter how few resources we had.

What’s the best piece of fitness advice you’ve ever been given?

You could eat and train the same way as someone else and never look like them. As I’ve grown older and done more research into eating, training, and mental growth, I’ve learned that we are all so individualized. Just because someone does something one way does not mean you copying the method will yield the same results. It is important to find the habits and techniques that work best for you. 

If you could live in one fictional universe, which would it be and who would you be? 

Any of the Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki film universes. They are all so serene, magical, and beautiful! They also all touch on the importance of the environmentalism, friendship, and love.

What’s your favorite workout?

HIIT/Metabolic conditioning

What’s your least favorite workout?

In swimming, we had to participate in “The Circuit” once a year with the goal of getting faster every year… it was the bane of any athlete’s existence. It was performed as an increasing ladder from 1 to 10 reps and many of us ended up puking by the end of it. The exercises were as followed: 
1 pull up
1 pushup
1 squat
1 situp
1 lap around the track

Earth Fed Muscle Reppin My Whey Rima Bauer

How long have you been using EFM products?

I am a long-time fan and have used EFM products since 2018!

What’s your favorite EFM product?

I’ve got to go with the tried and true vanilla whey. It is SO versatile and can be used for everything from smoothies to baked goods to a mix-in for yogurt or oatmeal.   

Tell us your favorite supplement science.

Collagen has been one of my favorite supplements to implement into my daily routine. As we grow older, our bodies start to slow on the production of natural collagen. The benefits to skin, hair, and bones resulting from including collagen in our diets are also amazing! 

What do you want written on your tombstone? 

Always there to lend a helping hand

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