How to Use Our Gelatin Pro Without Cooking

How to Use Our Gelatin Pro Without Cooking

Have our Gelatin Pro and trying to figure out how to use it?  We’ve posted several recipes for gummies, baking, and cooking involving this awesome product, but sometimes we, myself included, need the benefits without the time and effort!

I use Gelatin Pro in my post-workout shake, and I like to think I’ve figured out how to blend it in a shaker bottle with Primitive Protein without clumping.  Both our Earth Fed Funnel and Shaker Bottle can be used to blend the powders BEFORE adding liquid. It’s important that the Gelatin Pro is spread throughout the protein powder for proper mixing.  Using this method, you’ll be able to enjoy your Earth Fed Muscle post-workout products without worrying about how they mix!

In the kitchen, Gelatin Pro can be easily incorporated into your favorite meals or beverages.  When adding to coffee or tea, it’s important to distribute the powder slowly and evenly and not all at once.  Remember to stir while adding to prevent the Gelatin Pro from gathering at the bottom. At breakfast time, add a spoon of Gelatin Pro to your scrambled eggs using this same method.  You’ll enjoy the increased fluff and protein content!

Got other questions or recipes about how to use our products?  Please email !

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