EFM Elite: Meet Event Athlete Dominik Polverini

EFM Elite: Meet Event Athlete Dominik Polverini

The Elite program is a team of competitors from all walks of life who are pushing boundaries, embracing change, and living the #earthfedlife. Our Event Athletes have short-term sponsorships where we help them prepare for a specific competition. This allows us to support more athletes in more sports!

Meet Dominik Polverini, our newest EFM Event Athlete. He's prepping for the Junior Pan American Championships for Weightlifting in June (Colombia).

How did you get into athletics?
I got into athletics through my parents. Both of them played sports in college, so sports have always been a big part of our family. I got into weightlifting through my coach now Wilson Fleming. He had a gym in my hometown where I did just normal sports performance training, he asked me if I wanted to try weightlifting one day and the rest is history.


What do you do and who do you train with?
I am an Olympic weightlifter for 1 Kilo and Team USA. I train out of the Iron Pit Gym and my coach is Wilson Fleming, I also train with Mary Theisen-Lappen who is also a Team USA weightlifter and the strongest woman in the USA.

What are your current training goals?
My training goals are to continue to build and keep getting better by putting in the work everyday. I want to see how far I can go into the sport with obviously the Olympics being the ultimate goal in the long run.

What is your next upcoming competition?
My next competition is the Junior Pan American Championships in Palmira, Colombia.

What are you most enjoying about prepping for your next upcoming comp?
I am enjoying that I have a nice long time to really dial everything in and get healthy. The last few months have been getting in as good of shape as possible, and I was having some knee issues. For this prep I get to be healthy and the strongest version of myself.

What are your favorite hobbies outside the gym?
I love to play golf outside the gym. My friends and I have been playing the last couple years, we go out and just have a good time. I also love to snowboard favorite place i've been for that is Winter Park, Colorado

Who inspires you?
The person that inspires me most is my Dad, he has a passion like no one in the world in whatever he does. Anyone that knows him knows the fire he brings to everything. He puts 110% into everything that he does. He inspires me to be disciplined and put everything I have into weightlifting and life in general. He also is always the one I hear cheering for me no matter if I go 0/6 or 6/6. I could be wearing noise cancelling headphones and I would still be able to hear his clapping no matter what.

What is your walkout song and why?
Hall of Fame by The Script my favorite line is what I feel the whole song is, "Don't wait for luck, dedicate yourself and you going to find yourself in the hall of fame". This is what I think about when I really don't want to train, I can rest when I make it to the top and that's not now.

If you had to pick three people to be on your team for the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why?
Usian Bolt because he is the fastest man in the world to go get something. Adam Sandler for entertainment in a bunker. A navy seal because they are the best fighters in the world.

What is the best piece of fitness advice you have been given or like to give?
This is obvious but most people still don't do it, the most important thing to maximise your potential is sleep. The most basic thing, but it can make or break your career.

If you could live in one fictional universe, which would it be and who would you be?
I would want to live in the Marvel Universe, and be Iron Man. Why would you not want to be a superhero who is rich and gets to go to space.

What is your favorite and least favorite type of workout?
My favorite type of workout is a heavy snatch workout and my least favorite is for sure any cardio workout.

How long have you been using EFM products and how did you find us?
I have been using Earth Fed Muscle since I made my first Team USA team in 2021, I found it through other lifters within USA weightlifting

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What are your favorite EFM products?
My favorite products are the Intra workout product for during training and then the Strawberry whey protein is easily the best tasting protein I have ever had especially with chocolate milk taste like a chocolate covered strawberry.

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What is your favorite supplement science?
As a person that has trouble putting on mass, creatine helps me fill out my class better. It also helps me be able to train harder during a session because I can recover faster after each set.

How do you want to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as the person who was the hardest worker and was able to overcome anything in my way. I also want to be remembered as an athlete that a kid just coming into the sport can look up to and watch my journey and see that it's not always perfect and not everything goes according to plan. I had a stretch in competitions the last couple years that weren't a true showing of the work I put in the gym every session. But I kept going and kept putting in the work. I am in a great position to make my first Junior Worlds team and I get to compete at Junior Pan Am Championships here in a few months. I want to show that the work you put in will eventually pay off and you just have to keep working.

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