Earth Fed Elite: Sandra Arechaederra

Earth Fed Elite: Sandra Arechaederra

This feature is a part of EFM's ongoing Earth Fed Elite spotlight series. The Elite program is a team of competitors from all walks of life who are pushing boundaries, embracing change, and living the #earthfedlife.

Sandra Arechaederra dabbles in many fitness aspects. While she is commonly known as a yoga teacher and mobility coach, she has been been weightlifting since 2008 medaling at Senior Nationals and breaking several Master American Records. She has competed in Powerlifting, and in 2014 earned her 200hr yoga certification.

For the last 5 years Sandra has taught yoga and mobility to athletes spanning many fields and ages, including football athletes readying for the NFL Combine and their Pro Days and professional NFL players. Most recently you can see Sandra competing as one of The Rock's 64 athletes in The Titan Games!

Sandra Arechaederra hands-free headstand

Sandra's Favorites
  • "As a "mature" athlete, clean supplements are key for me and I can trust an EFM product to deliver that. I use EFM Creatine regularly and Stammpede pre-workout when lifting heavy."
  • "I love Nocturnal at night after I have taught yoga. The dark chocolate flavor is MMMmmm"
  • "After workouts, or when I just can't get a lunch in, I like to mix Vanilla with bananas, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and sparkling water. So good!"
  • "My favorite all by itself is Witch's Whey, because, duh."
Learn More about Sandra

Read about Sandra's inspiring story in a feature by East Bay Times, discussing her journey from opera singing to weightlifter, to yoga instructor and now, Titan.

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