Earth Fed Elite: Jordan Cantrell

Earth Fed Elite: Jordan Cantrell

This feature is a part of EFM's ongoing Earth Fed Elite spotlight series. The Elite program is a team of competitors from all walks of life who are pushing boundaries, embracing change, and living the #earthfedlife.

Jordan Cantrell (@cantrell89kg) competes in Olympic Weightlifting for Team USA.

He is 22 years old and has been weightlifting 4 years now. While he first got into weightlifting through Crossfit, he is now a part of team Mash Elite. The upcoming Pan Ams will be his 6th international team, with 4 of his past international teams being senior teams.

His best training lifts are a 163kg Snatch, 195kg clean & jerk, 212kg split jerk, 210kg front squat and a 195kg snatch balance. His best competition lifts include a 160kg snatch, 193kg clean & jerk and a total of 353kg. 

Jordan's Favorites

We're proud to have Jordan on the Earth Fed Elite team and are looking forward to great things from him in 2019!

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