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The Olympian Protein

April 13, 2015 1 min read

Here is a sweet picture of 2012 Olympian, Justin Rodhe and 2008 Olympian, Niklas Arrhenius.  Nik has also competed at 6 world championships and is making a push for the 2016 Olympics.  Earth Fed Muscle is proud to be apart of his support team.  When working with Olympians, you have to make sure your protein is the best and cleanest product it can be. With only three ingredients, Primitive Protein is primed for optimal protein absorption in the body.  Not to mention, we have 7 different athletes using our products that are tested by USADA or WADA!!!  Talk about a high quality product!!!  Use the code "strongberry" to try our new strawberry flavor for 15% off. 











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