About the Owners

We make supplements for your whole family. No seriously, we literally feed this stuff to our kids. Healthy AF is an understatement. Dane writes killer programs to get people crazy strong. Combining them is a pretty sure bet for optimal fitness.
We value:
  • Longevity
  • Human health and performance
  • The natural environment
  • Local economies
  • Good, traditional food and community
  • The realization of each person's fullest potential

So we:

  • Use minimal ingredients in our products, organic and least-processed whenever possible
  • Raise our own food and live low-impact in our landscapes
  • Craft our supplements to be safe, effective and delicious
  • Never stop learning and base our efforts in science
  • Support athletes and people with lesser means to help achieve their goals

You don’t have to trust us. Trust your gut.

A letter from our co-founders:

We’re Dane and Chris - friends since little league, and with our powers combined, we bring you Earth Fed Muscle! It seems like we’re into the same sorts of things, so let us tell you a bit about where we’re coming from.

dane miller usa weightlifting coach earth fed muscle supplement whey protein ownerDANE: I was an active participant in my athletic career. Since my sophomore year of high school, I was intuitively aware of the impact of nutrition and rest on my performances. Throughout college and my post-collegiate career, I collected, studied and analyzed data on nutrients, intake timing and athletic execution. As I transitioned to coaching, I envisioned the ideal recovery tools and training environments, quickly realizing that ‘normal’ supplement companies are invested more in their branding than actual athletic recovery. Earth Fed Muscle has allowed me to implement olympic and professional-level training protocols with the peace of mind that comes with sound rest and recovery. EFM has helped make athletes’ dreams reality.

chris stamm earth fed muscle organic whey protein ownerCHRIS: I spent years in the food industry on food safety and sanitary design. Imagine my surprise when Dane and I began visiting potential manufacturers for our clean supplement line and many couldn’t answer basic questions about food safety! On our drives back home, I’d get frustrated at the Wild West feel of the supplement industry. We just wanted to make something we would feed our children! Finally, we found what we were looking for right under our noses - two partner manufacturers right here in Pennsylvania, operating under strict FDA guidelines, but more importantly, operating in a close personal relationship with us. We regularly confirm and independently test that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle. ‘Good enough’ doesn’t work in the food industry - why settle for any less in your supplements?

Live Long and Be Strong,

Dane and Chris

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