ZMA Advanced: Pantethine, Choline Bitartrate and Vitamin C

ZMA Advanced: Pantethine, Choline Bitartrate and Vitamin C

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Why does our ZMA Advanced stand out from the rest?

At Earth Fed Muscle, we pride ourselves on setting standards far above the average supplement company. We make the quality of our ingredients our number one priority.

This goes for all of our supplements, with our ZMA Advanced being no exception. So how is our ZMA Advanced above and beyond the average formula of ZMA?

Most industry standards include three generic ingredients in their ZMA supplement: zinc aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6.


Our ZMA Advanced formula includes:

  • Zinc L-carnosine
  • Magnesium citrate
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Pantethine
  • Choline bitartrate

You may notice along with the different zinc and magnesium sources we use, we provide a few extra ingredients including vitamin C, pantethine and choline bitartrate.

You see, ZMA Advanced was created by world renowned strength coach, Dane Miller. Dane played around with different minerals and vitamins to see what worked best in creating optimal recovery while sleeping. Over time, he discovered that our Advanced formula works synergistically to enhance the depth of sleep and thus improve recovery for his own athletes. So what ingredients are included in this formula?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as the king of antioxidants, is a key component in CNS recovery and overall immune system health and function.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, meaning your body can’t produce it on its own. This makes it important to obtain via foods in your diet or a supplement. Some vitamin C benefits include:

  • Being a strong antioxidant, naturally defending the  body against inflammation (1)
  • Ability to decrease high blood pressure (2)
  • Potentially lowers risk of heart disease (3)
  • Improves iron absorption and prevents iron deficiencies (4)
  • Improves function of white blood cells (5)
  • Protects cognitive health that may decline naturally with age (6)

While pantethine is a lesser known supplement, its role in the body is just as important.

Pantethine is a supplement that is an active form of pantothenic acid (also known as vitamin B5). A few studies have suggested that supplementing with pantethine can help lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. However, we still recommend consulting with your health care provider beforehand.

Choline Bitartrate

While you may have heard of choline before, it is a rather recently discovered nutrient. Choline plays a role in building cell membranes and is a also a precursor for acetylcholine (a main neurotransmitter responsible for functions relating to muscle and memory).

While you make a small amount of choline in your body, it’s not enough to provide you with the necessary requirements to function properly on its own. That’s why you need to find a choline supplement. As it turns out, ZMA Advanced provides you with choline bitartrate.

Choline bitartrate is simply choline combined with a salt of tartic acid, which allows it to be absorbed much faster. Choline bitartrate provides a number of health benefits including:

  • Improving cognitive function and memory recall
  • Improving healthy liver function
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Improving joint health and reducing inflammation

Feel like you’re lacking these three ingredients in your diet? Grab our ZMA Advanced to boost your natural levels and get the adequate nutrition you need!


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