Importance Of Hydration Over The Winter

Importance Of Hydration Over The Winter

We can live for 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water - that’s how important hydration is to our bodies. You might think, “It’s winter time, I don’t need as much water as I do during the summer.” 

Actually, regardless of the weather, your daily water consumption (whether plain water or one containing electrolytes) is essential to keep your body functioning well and healthy. This means you shouldn’t decrease your water intake just because we entered the cold months. 

Read on and discover:

  • The importance of hydrating during the winter months
  • The telltale signs of dehydration
  • How you can stay hydrated during winter months

Why You Should Stay Hydrated During Winter

why you should stay hydrated

Whether you’re used to drinking plain water or those drinks infused with electrolytes, you shouldn’t skimp on hydration regardless of the weather outside. Proper nutrition and hydration work side by side to ensure that our bodies can generate sufficient heat to maintain a healthy body temperature.

In fact, proper hydration can increase the body’s ability to prevent hypothermia. Drinking plenty of fluids can help your body turn calories to heat, along with consuming food that is high in carbohydrates, to help you stay powered. 

To help your body stay hydrated longer, you can try Elixir Electrolyte Mix with Himalayan Sea Salt. It contains 3 times more electrolytes than a typical sports drink, and the best thing is, it’s sugar and gluten-free, so you can be certain that you’ll only be getting “the good stuff” for your body.

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Elixir Electrolyte Mix Packets with Himalayan Sea Salt

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Elixir Electrolyte Mix Packets with Himalayan Sea Salt

Causes of Dehydration During Winter 

During wintertime, our body’s thirst response decreases by up to 40%. This is because the blood vessels constrict when our body is cold, so blood flow to the extremities is prevented, resulting in more blood in the core.

This means that we don’t feel thirsty during winter, although our body is not conserving any water. Some of the causes of dehydration during winter include:

  • Drinking less water because you don’t feel thirsty
  • Cold-induced diuresis (urinating more frequently)
  • Wearing thick and heavy clothing (causing you to perspire more)

Causes of Dehydration During Winter

Signs Of Dehydration

That’s right - you can get dehydrated even during wintertime. You might even think you don’t perspire during winter, but when you come to think of it, you wear layers of clothing to keep your body warm. At one point, you are going to start sweating.

Whether you’re planning to sit in front of a fire while reading your favorite book or engage in physical activity (e.g., sports, working out. etc.), staying hydrated during winter can help your body fight off infection and boost your immune system

Knowing the signs and symptoms of dehydration is essential so you can treat it early on. This includes:

  • Being extremely thirsty
  • Having dark-colored urine
  • Having a dry or sticky mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dry skin
  • Rapid breathing or heart rate
  • Diarrhea for more than 2 days
  • Weight loss

Take note that when too much water has been lost from your body, you would need to take electrolytes to help keep the fluid in your body balanced. If you’re looking for a sugar and gluten-free electrolyte drink, make sure to give Elixir Electrolyte Mix with Himalayan Sea Salt a try.

It uses Himalayan salt instead of regular table salt, which means it contains more trace minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

How To Stay Hydrated During Winter

Here are some tips you can try so you can stay hydrated even during the coldest time of the year:

1. Always carry bottled water with you

Carrying bottled water around wherever you go will give you a sense of responsibility or an obligation to finish it before the day ends. Also, would you really like to carry that heavy bottle of water around or drink its contents so you can take a load off your shoulders?

2. Avoid sugary beverages

Yes, we’re talking about energy drinks and soda. Instead of hydrating you, these drinks can actually make you more dehydrated. If you want to drink something flavored without risking dehydration, opt for an electrolyte drink that doesn’t contain sugar.

3. Eat food with high water content

You can incorporate fruits like strawberries, broccoli, and celery into your meals, as these are great sources of water and can help you stay hydrated if you’re having trouble consuming the recommended daily water intake.

Eat food with high water content

Drink electrolytes

Whether you’re working out or simply want to hydrate, you can never go wrong with consuming electrolytes. Aside from hydrating you, electrolytes can also help your body recover faster after an intense workout session. 

Elixir Electrolyte Mix with Himalayan Sea Salt contains magnesium, chloride, sodium, and potassium that will not only hydrate your body but promote better cognitive function, faster muscle recovery, and help sustain your energy throughout the day.

83 reviews

Elixir Electrolyte Mix Packets with Himalayan Sea Salt

Sale price $29.99 Regular price $29.99
Elixir Electrolyte Mix Packets with Himalayan Sea Salt

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what our raving customers who have to say:

“LOVE this product so much! I am especially drawn to these electrolytes because of the clean ingredients with no added sugars as other brands include. This is great on its own or mixed with some fruit-infused water! Highly recommend!” - Amanda B., U.S.A

“Pushing through a typical conditioning session, my body absolutely feels the crippling effects of dehydration. Elixir has become essential to my daily training. Because of the electrolytes, I can go longer and harder while feeling completely hydrated. The single serve packets are perfect for ‘on the go’!” - Jenny, U.S.A

It’s A WATER-ful Life!

Regardless of the weather, don’t forget to drink water! It would also be great to incorporate electrolytes to aid in your rehydration, especially if you’re working out or just sweating a lot because of the thick layer of clothing you’ve piled on.

Elixir Electrolyte Mix with Himalayan Sea Salt has been proven and tested by athletes, busy parents, active teens, and even healthcare professionals. It’s sugar- and gluten-free and contains more essential nutrients than other electrolyte drinks.

NOTE: Make sure to consult your doctor first before introducing a new supplement to your body.

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