EFM Elite: Liz Wishart

EFM Elite: Liz Wishart

The Elite program is a team of competitors from all walks of life who are pushing boundaries, embracing change, and living the #earthfedlife.

Meet Liz Wishart. She's brand new to the Earth Fed Elite and excited to be a part of the community. Not only is she a kick ass CrossFitter and a weightlifter, but she's also a firefighter and a dog mom (to the cutest pup).

How did you get into athletics?
The sport I competed in before CF/weightlifting was swimming. I started at my neighborhood pool’s summer rec team when I was only 4. I loved it, and I loved racing, so pretty soon I was swimming club and didn’t stop until I graduated high school. 

What do you do now?
I coach CrossFit and weightlifting classes and I’m a firefighter. I mostly work with gym members, and I train by myself most days.

What are your current training goals?
To qualify for USA Weightlifting Nationals and for the CrossFit Games (Spoiler: She just qualified for Nationals at The Arnold this past weekend!)

What did you love about Wodapalooza this year?
I love the energy at WZA. So many people watching, all the bright lights, and FUN events. It was my second time in the elites. This year, I had my eyes set on top 10 and got 8th. Training is gritty but knowing I have that comp floor to look forward to pushes me so hard. 

What are your favorite hobbies outside the gym?
I built out a camper van a few years ago, and I love to take trips in it, in addition to any kind of travel!

Who inspires you?
Michael Phelps. I listened to a Whoop podcast with him and it really changed my mental game. Totally worth the listen regardless of your sport. (Watch the YouTube video here)

What is your walkout song and why?
Best Rapper Alive by lil Wayne because, he is the best rapper alive 

What is the best piece of fitness advice you have been given or like to give?
It’s gonna take time but it will be worth it. 

If you could live in one fictional universe, which would it be and who would you be?
Yellowstone, and I’d be Beth, because it has to be cool to be Beth.

What is your favorite and least favorite type of workout?
I love anything with gymnastics and/or barbell cycling. Not a fan of those long running events.

How long have you been using EFM products and how did you find us?
I found them this year because a lot of people at Moran Academy used them (the weightlifting gym I train at).

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Transcend Creatine

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Transcend Creatine

What are your favorite EFM products?
I love the Creatine and the Strawberry Feels protein! And the Forty Winkz is great. Sleep is a challenge for me so it has helped a lot .

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Strawberry Feels (Forever) Grass-Fed Protein

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Strawberry Feels (Forever) Grass-Fed Protein

How do you want to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as someone who is resilient despite hardship, and inspire others to pursue athletic goals that they don’t think are possible. 

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Forty Winkz (formerly ZMA Advanced)

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Forty Winkz (formerly ZMA Advanced)

Follow Liz on Instagram here to follow her journey.

All photos by Alex Butterfield/Meet Week Co.

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