7 Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Vitamins

7 Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Vitamins

We all want to achieve a healthy mind and body. But we have to admit - we can’t spend every day peeling vegetables and juicing fruits for consumption. 

This is where the importance of choosing the right vitamins for our body comes in.

Take note that we used the word “right” because there are a couple of ingredients found in vitamins that you should avoid at all costs.

Want to know what these ingredients are? Read on and find out!

Spoiler Alert: A multivitamin like Morning Ritual does not contain any of the toxic ingredients that we will mention on this list. 

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Multivitamins Should Not Contain These Ingredients

Check your bottles and avoid these 7 toxic ingredients in multivitamins:

1. Lead

We’ve all heard how lead can severely affect our bodies, which begs the question, why do even some supplements contain lead? To make the long story short, lead is often added to supplements as a colorant (for instance, lead can be added to turmeric powder to make it appear more yellowish).

However, this can have an adverse effect, especially on infants and children. The worst thing about consuming anything with lead during pregnancy is that it can easily be passed to the fetus. In turn, this can affect an infant’s cognitive function and neurobehavioral development.

Moreover, lead can give adults anemia, high blood pressure, and worse, it can affect the reproductive and nervous systems. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration has established daily limits on the consumption of lead.

Although companies have significantly reduced the amount of lead in the supplements, some products in the market might still exceed the recommended amounts. One solution would be to read the labels and make sure that the supplement you will be taking contains just the right amount of lead. 

However, it is always better to stay on the safe side and go for brands that do not contain lead and use only the highest quality of ingredients to ease your worries away. 

2. Mercury

The World Health Organization (WHO) made a list of the top 10 chemicals that contributes to the main health problems of people worldwide, and mercury is definitely on the list. According to WHO, exposure to mercury may have some adverse health effects in adults and can even be a threat to a child’s development. 

Inducing more than the recommended amount of mercury can result in a cytotoxic effect which reduces glutathione and increases the production of free radicals in the body. Mercury compounds can also block the enzymes that are in charge of repairing damaged DNA and cause harm to healthy cells. 

The WHO has established a recommended daily intake of mercury, but the question is, do you really want to take the risk when you can have supplements without mercury at all?

3. Titanium Dioxide

Did you know that Titanium Dioxide is a substance typically used in cosmetics, skincare products, and paint? It has no nutritional value and only serves as a filler in products. 

Like mercury and lead, titanium dioxide can be consumed in small amounts, but this can still result in adverse health effects like allergies, organ toxicity, and autoimmune disorders. In fact, when inhaled in powder form, titanium dioxide can even cause cancers. 

Accordingly, due to the information gathered from years of study and research, the European Food Safety Authority concluded that titanium dioxide is no longer considered a safe food additive

4. Magnesium Silicate (AKA Talc)

You wouldn’t eat your cosmetics and deodorants, so why would you consume anything with magnesium silicate in it? Just like the composition of asbestos, talc is not considered “food grade” by the Food and Drug Administration since this can cause various stomach problems and lung diseases in the long run.

However, the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that it can be safe when taken in small quantities. Then again, is it worth the risk?

5. Artificial Coloring: Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5

Artificial colors can make supplements more attractive, but this additional spark and beauty definitely come with a price. 

From increased hyperactive behavior in children to allergies, DNA damage, and worse, cancer, food additives like artificial coloring (specifically red 40, blue 1, and yellow 5) have been branded as the  “secret shame” of the food industry. 

6. Hydrogenated Oil

Hydrogenated oil increases the “bad cholesterol” in your body which can, later on, result in diabetes, cardiovascular and nervous system illnesses, and the non-absorption of fatty acids. 

In fact, back in 2010, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans called for the limiting of the consumption of trans fat, solid fat, and lo and behold - hydrogenated oil. 

7. Artificial Flavors

Last but not least, from the word itself, artificial flavors pose a hidden danger, especially when used in high doses on supplements. These flavors can come in the form of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and other flavor enhancers. 

Of course, these are unnecessary ingredients that can do you more harm than good. As a matter of fact, these have been linked to diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Some artificial flavorings can also cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

Make the Switch

When it comes to your health, you should never settle for less. Ditch those pills containing the toxic ingredients mentioned above and go all natural! With Morning Ritual, you can be ensured that your muscles, brain, and immune system get the vitamins and minerals they need for maximum performance and recovery.

The best part? You can stop consuming 4 to 5 supplements daily because Morning Ritual contains:

  • Vitamin A to support a fully-functioning immune system
  • CoQ10 to help enhance your cardiac health and mental well-being
  • Vitamin D3 to prevent osteoporosis and improve your bone density
  • Chromium to support a healthy metabolism
  • Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins to help keep your nerve cells healthy.

Imagine getting all these benefits in one pill! If you think it’s too good to be true, you can check out these amazing reviews from long-time Morning Ritual users.

101 total reviews

Morning Ritual

Sale price $29.99 Regular price $29.99
Morning Ritual

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