USA Javelin Project

The USA Javelin Project is a professional training group based in Birmingham, Alabama. The group was formed in 2019 to prepare for the 2020 Olympic games and all championships to follow. The group consists of 2x USA Champion/ 2020ne Olympian, Curtis Thompson, US #3 Avione Whetsone, #10 Ethan Shalaway, Justin Carter, Donavon Banks, and Rebekah Wales. They are coached and mentored by former US record holder Tom Pukstys.

The main goal of the group is to develop competitive international athletes in the United States. The team also works with high school athletes through private coaching, clinics and through their Instagram. We understand that growing the javelin community and improving the culture results in success down the road for our event.

Each athlete works full time and trains at night. We love the challenge of the sport and look forward to every chance we have to prove ourselves on the runway!