Sandra Arechaederra

Why not? That is something Sandra says whenever she is thinking about trying something new, something outside the box. After a career owning her own business, in 2008, Sandra, decided to try her hand at Olympic Weightlifting, as a masters' athlete. Within a year, Sandra medaled at Senior Nationals, as a master's athlete. Why not? Flash forward five years and lots of aches and pains later, Sandra obtained her 200hr Yoga Teacher certification and for the last five years has been teaching yoga to athletes of many different sports including and specializing in working with NFL professional and combine athletes. Why not? Sandra's latest why not question was asked and answered when she competed earlier this year on The Rock's T.V. show, The Titan Games, as the show's oldest competitor, alongside athletes less than half her age. She gives credit to EFM for helping to keep her healthy with the wide range of recovery products and is ready to find her next, Why not?