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We help fuel a community of athletes who live to chase their full potential daily no matter where their adventures take them. More importantly, they're just badass, kind people. We like them a lot, and know you will too. 

Godfather of Weightlifting

Mike Burgener or "Coach B" is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach for USA. 


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Mike Burgener

USA Weightlifting Team

Team USA Weightlifting National Champion Team and online resource


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Catalyst Athletics

Team USA Weightlifter

Youth World Champion, Youth World Record holder, American Record holder


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Harrison Maurus

USS Strongman

USS Strongman, Team USA Strongman, Owner of Lion's Den Elite Training 


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Joey Szatmary

Yoga Teacher and Weightlifter

Titan Games contestant, yoga, mobility and weightlifting extraordinaire


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Sandra Arechaederra

Team USA Weightlifter

89kg Team USA weightlifter, 2018 Senior Pan Am Team member


Jordan Cantrell




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Sharon Halpin


4x National Champ, 11x All American, Shot Put National Champ


Maggie Ewen


Ambassador, Team Fit Bliss


Megan Forest

Team USA Wrestler

125kg 2X World Bronze Medalist in Freestyle Wrestling


Nick Gwiazdowski

Team USA Weightlifter

67kg Team USA Weightlifter, National Champion


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Jake Horst

Team USA Fencer

Team USA Fencing


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Kat Holmes

Bulkin Snorlaxer

Owner of United Lifters, Creator of funny videos 


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Dennis Kim

NFL Defensive End

NFL Kansas City Chiefs Defensive End


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Tanoh Kpassagnon

Team USA Weightlifter

71kg Team USA Weightlifter, Pan Am Champion, Junior World Champion, World Champion


Katherine Nye

Team USA Weightlifter

Junior World Bronze Medalist


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Hayley Reichardt

Team USA Weightlifter


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Morgan Vozobule

Team USA Weightlifter

90kgTeam USA Weightlifter, American Record Holder


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Juliana Riotto

Rock Climber

Competitive rock climber 


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Max Snyder

Team USA Weighlifter/Boxer

64kg Team USA Weightlifter turned competitive Boxer


Erin Amos

Discus Thrower

2016 Olympian


Alex Rose

Discus Thrower

National Champion Discus Thrower


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Sam Mattis


The last of the Gliders


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Lucas Warning

Team USA Wrestler

NCAA National Champion

3X All-American


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Darian Cruz

Certified Sports Nutritionist


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Melissa Degenhart

Mixed Martial Artist


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Jeff Chan

Nutrition and Softball Coach


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Taylor Schroeder

Badass Mom, Crossfitter


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Amberly Enich


2X National Champion

3X All-American


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Rima Bauer

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