Melissa Degenhart


Melissa is an elementary school teacher. She also holds her Level 1 and Level 2 crossfit certificates, coaching for the last 6 years. She is a certified sports nutritionist through American Fitness Professionals Association and has mentored approximately 40 nutrition clients in the last 4 years. Melissa competed in crossfit and olympic lifting  for three years but now has a focus on sharing her life approach to balanced, healthy habits with her community. Melissa enjoys all types of fitness: lifting, crossfit, body building, yoga, biking, running, walking, hiking, etc. Melissa is a firm believer in fitting fitness into a lifestyle and not sacrificing one's 'life' solely for athletic gains. Melissa has a passion for nutrition, fitness, and the outdoors. She currently resides in San Diego County, California. If Melissa could give one fitness suggestion to everyone, it would be START with (or go back to) the basic habits of a healthy lifestyle as a foundation: eat fruits & vegetables, drink water, sleep enough, move your body through whatever type of workout you enjoy doing, and get enough steps in during the day. Melissa lives her life to the fullest with support of her family, fiancee, and friends.