Juliana Riotto

team usa weightlifter on stage
"I am so happy that a supplement company like Earth Fed Muscle wants to help support me in my goals and Childhood dreams of being a member of Team USA."
In an early stage of Jules' athletic career it became obvious her specialty was in strength sports when she placed first in the world in the Max Clean and Jerk workout during the 2015 Crossfit Open in the Teen Division when she was 16 years old. She was then recognized and recruited for her potential by USA Weightlifting and was invited to weightlifting camps at the Olympic Training Center. Shortly after, she found Dane Miller owner ofΒ Garage Strength and Earthfed Muscle. Since joining both teams Jules has made 6 international teams for Team USA. Became a gold, silver and bronze junior world medalist, A Junior Pan American Champion and owns two Junior American Records in the Snatch and total.
Jules loves all of the supplements from Earth Fed Muscle for how well they work and how amazing the taste is. There's nothing better than enjoying what you're putting into your body for performance. Her favorite products are Lemonade Stammpede and Chocolate Whey.Β