Gabe Batdorf


Gabe is a prime example of "it’s never too late to become an endurance athlete." In 2014 he ran a 5K benefit for cancer, which was the first time he had ran competitively since high school. Soon after that he completed a 25K trail run which started the addiction. As he started running more it became clear just how important training and nutrition would be. In 2019, he turned to EFM to level up his nutrition and was met with open arms. The rest is history!

2019 had highs and lows, where a torn peroneal tendon led him to discover a love for a new addiction: cycling! Since then, he has consistently pushed his limits on foot and by bike and can't wait to see where this journey takes him!

"The mind is the only thing holding us back from doing that next big thing in life. Conquer the mind and the goals become a reality!" - Gabe