Amberly Enich

I’m Amberly. I’m a thirty something Mom, Wife and formally a size 18. I live in North Ga, I’m a hair and bridal stylist by profession. I co-founded and run a small local charity called, Thankful Hearts. I love the outdoors, Jeepin’, taking pictures, running, CrossFit, and chasing my daughter around Disney World. 
Finding CrossFit, fitness and health has literally saved my life. I’m dedicated to showing people, mainly women, like my former self that they can do ANYTHING they set their minds to do. Just promise yourself you won’t give up, and never break that promise. I walked into my local CrossFit gym 90 lbs. over weight, clueless on fitness and not knowing what a burpee was. Hard work and dedication are two key elements to living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve tried so many of fad diets and dozens of proteins over the years. Discovering Earth Fed protein has been such an exciting find for my everyday plan!