Why Do I Love Collagen?

Why Do I Love Collagen?

I am beyond excited that Earth Fed Muscle is making its own collagen, The Keystone. Not a day goes by that I don’t use a scoop or a few of this specially processed gelatin. Here’s why.

It's quick and easy.

Nothing could be simpler than adding this to just plain water that I drink my supplements within the morning. It can be combined with other powders, does not require a shaker ball or blender, and I can even bring it in baggies to add to drinks later. I’m a purist when it comes to food - we make broth at least once a week, and I still use collagen for its convenience and health benefits.

Collagen is flavorless.

Sometimes, I just don’t want added sweetness with my protein. Collagen peptides are a completely neutral and mostly undetectable flavor. For this reason, I can add them to savory or neutral tasting foods/drinks such as:

  • tea/coffee
  • Broth
  • Soup
  • Stew
  • Juice
  • Non-dairy smoothies

Link to Anna’s super simple sausage soup recipe

Collagen is textureless.

In addition to being flavorless, collagen also dissolves completely, leaving no weird chunks, graininess, lumps, or thickness. We’ve heard how good gelatin is for us, but sometimes it’s hard to use straight up gelatin unless you’re making jello or gummies because of its remarkable thickening properties.

My favorite super-secret-stealth use of this aspect of collagen is to add a couple of scoops to our local grass-fed milk in a jar before the kids pour it over their cereal. This turns a sometimes questionable “food” (highly processed, potentially loaded with sugar and full of gluten and other allergens) into a nutrient-rich, more digestible meal.

Collagen helps fill in amino acid gaps in the standard American diet.

Explained beautifully here by a nutrition expert, collagen contains the amino acids that we would be getting if we truly ate a nose to tail diet and used all parts of the animals we eat: organs, hooves, bones, skin, etc.

Blood sugar regulation and meal balancing.

My number one favorite afternoon pick-me-up (other than dark chocolate): plain coconut water with collagen peptides mixed in. It’s mineral rich, satisfying, refreshing, and won’t cause any sugar spike or drop. Whenever I eat fruit in the afternoon, or fruit with nuts or nut butter, having a scoop of collagen in water alongside it balances my blood sugar and makes for a more complete meal.

As I mentioned above, a meal that is short on protein, such as soup without enough meat, can be instantly transformed to filling and protein-rich with a scoop of collagen.

Collagen peptides are a convenient way to take advantage of the anti-aging, skin & hair strengthening, digestion improving, inflammation lowering properties of the superfood gelatin. I’m grateful to be able to start sourcing all of my collagen from Earth Fed Muscle.


Guest blogger, Anna Santini

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