Wholesaler Spotlight: Roll With The Reg

Wholesaler Spotlight: Roll With The Reg

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We are excited to feature some of our wholesale partners, both new and OG. EFM is partnered with all types of businesses across the country and beyond and proud to continue growing our wholesale family.

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Today we are featuring: Reggie Vantrease of The Complete Athlete

How did you get into athletics?
I have been an athlete since Pampers! I played football, basketball, & baseball through high school. Then I played college rugby and decided to keep that gravy train running into my later 20s. And since I always wanted to be with athletes for my career, strength & conditioning called my name and have been doing that since 2010!

What do you do in athletics? Who do you work with?
As a S&C coach, I get the athletes game ready! I've worked with athletes from the youth to professional level. 15 different sports. But I will say, currently I work with a lot of youth baseball and girls HS volleyball.

What are your current training goals?
Over the last 8 months, I have been working on hypertrophy mixed with athletic performance. I have put on just under 12 lbs of muscle since last May! After the next week or 2, I'd like to get back into more weightlifting as a whole!

What is your favorite hobby outside the gym?
I'm definitely going to be outside! Hiking, biking, jumping into cold bodies of water...that's where you'll find me!

Who inspires you?
I get inspiration off of anyone and everyone. But I'd say my parents definitely inspire me the most. My mom with her kindness and love. My dad with his easygoing attitude.

What is your walkout song and why?
Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees! As a little kid, I always thought that song was dope and I wanted it to be my "walking background" music!

If you had to pick three people to be on your team for the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why?
I have three friends who all can fish and hunt. That would be my team! I'll take care of the fire and shelter.

What is the best piece of fitness advice you've ever been given?
Not every workout is gonna be the most fun...but...be grateful that you have the ability to do it. And HAVE FUN. Life's too short not to be happy and thankful for your body!

If you could live in one fictional universe, which would it be and who would you be?
X-Men and I'd likely be Wolverine (Late 80s baby here IYKYK)

What is your favorite and least favorite type of workout?
I like any workout where athletics are involved. Plyometrics, reaction time, explosive & rotational power...love me some of that! Least favorite, probably any that involve burpees. I'm Team Anti Burpees.

How long have you been using EFM products and how did you find us?
I found out about EFM from a YouTube channel called Garage Strength about 3 years ago. And I wanted to give it a try due to the minimal ingredients used in the products. And from there the rest is history!

How did you decide to become a wholesaler?
I'll be honest, I had a few athletes steadily ask me for a scoop of protein over the years and they saw I had a lot of different flavors. But I was tired of sharing mine and having to restock. So I became a wholesaler so they could buy it and didn't have to keep giving up mine haha!

317 total reviews

Strawberry Feels (Forever) Grass-Fed Protein

From $44.99
Sale price From $44.99 Regular price $44.99
Strawberry Feels (Forever) Grass-Fed Protein

What are you favorite EFM products?
My top 3 are the Strawberry Feels Whey Protein (so so GOOD), Stammpede Lemonade Preworkout, and Transcend Creatine.

270 total reviews

Transcend Creatine

Sale price $39.99 Regular price $39.99
Transcend Creatine

What are your clients' favorite EFM products?
Clients love Ca Cow Chocolate Whey Protein and Magic Beans Mocha Protein (both great in coffee).

213 total reviews

Stammpede Lemonade Pre-workout

Sale price $49.99 Regular price $49.99
Stammpede Lemonade Pre-workout

What is your favorite supplement science?
I think people have sooo many misconceptions about creatine and don't realize the OVERWHELMING benefits it provides. Especially for athletes...it's the real deal.

Any advice for other wholesalers?
For me, as some athletes have caught the wave with the products, others start asking and it builds from there!

How do you want to be remembered? What impact do you want to have?
I think the biggest thing I want to do is make sure the folks around me remember me as a pretty solid person that didn't mind a little risk for big rewards. And that even in tough times, I never quit.

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