Team USA at the Pan American Championships

Team USA at the Pan American Championships

*The schedule for Team USA has been updated. Thanks to Hampton Morris!

Team USA is sending a full team of 20 athletes to the Pan American Championships in Bariloche, Argentina, including EFM Elite Athlete Hayley Reichardt. The schedule is listed below the list of Team USA athletes is in local time (EST is one hour behind the time in Bariloche).

Team USA Athletes

  • Women's 49kg: Jourdan Delacruz, Hayley Reichardt*
  • Women's 59kg: Danielle Gunnin, Taylor Wilkins
  • Women's 71kg: Olivia Reeves, Kate Vibert
  • Women's 76kg: Meredith Alwine
  • Women's 81kg: Mattie Rogers
  • Women's +87kg: Sarah Robles, Mary Theisen-Lappen
  • Men's 61kg: Hampton Morris, Brian Reisenauer
  • Men's 73kg: Caden Cahoy, Ryan Grimsland
  • Men's 89kg: Beau Brown, Nathon Damron
  • Men's 102kg: Wes Kitts, Ryan Sester
  • Men's +109kg: Alejandro Medina, Caine Wilkes


Team USA Schedule

Monday, March 27th

49kg A - 12pm Local/11am EST
Hayley Reichardt
Jourdan Delacruz
61kg A - 430pm Local/330pm EST
Hampton Morris
Brian Reisenauer

Tuesday, March 28th

59kg A - 4pm Local/3pm EST
Taylor Wilkins
Danielle Gunnin

Wednesday, March 29th

73kg A - 11am Local/10am EST
Ryan Grimsland
Caden Cahoy

Thursday, March 30th

71kg A - 11am Local/10am EST
Olivia Reeves
Kate Vibert

89kg A - 2pm Local/1pm EST
Beau Brown

76kg A - 5pm Local/4pm EST
Meredith Alwine

Friday, March 31st

96kg A - 11am Local/10am RST
Nathan Damron

81g A - 1pm Local/12pm EST
Mattie Rogers

102kg A - 4pm Local/3pm EST
Ryan Sester

Saturday, April 1st

87+ A - 10am Local/9am EST
Sarah Robles
Mary Theisen-Lappen

109kg A - 12pm Local/11am EST
Wes Kitts

109+ A - 12pm Local/11am EST
Alejandro Medina
Caine Wilkes

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