Revival Intra-Sport: Who Can Use It?

Revival Intra-Sport: Who Can Use It?

Before we get into the specifics of who can use it, let's be clear that everyone can benefit from a BCAA+ supplement. Although it’s considered our “intra-sport” supplement, you can really sip on this tasty drink while you’re at the office or getting your kids ready for school.

    One of the key ingredients found in our Revival Intra-Sport is BCAAs. BCAAs are one of the most popular sports supplements found in stores today. There are 3 BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine and valine. Some of the benefits of these BCAAs include increasing muscle growth, decreasing muscle soreness, improving recovery and reducing fatigue. All of these factors play key roles in athletic training and it’s especially true in the sport of weightlifting.

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    BCAA+ Revival Sour Cherry Intra-Sport

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    BCAA+ Revival Sour Cherry Intra-Sport


    Revival Intra-Sport can help improve motivation as seen in a number of MRI studies. (1) L-Theanine found in Revival has also shown to enhance learning and memory in a technical sport which is key for snatch and clean and jerk development and technique. (2)


    Similar to weightlifting, the technique is a huge part of wrestling. Learning and remembering movement patterns until they become second nature is an important skill that wrestlers have to continuously work on, regardless of what level you’re at. L-theanine helps to enhance this memory and technique development.

    Wrestling also requires an unparalleled amount of stamina, focus and technique. Revival helps wrestlers maintain optimal hydration to improve cardiovascular health. It ensures mental alertness and focus from L-DOPA and improves learning from L-theanine. (2)


    Climbing and bouldering require muscle endurance and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, among other things. The BCAAs found in Revival help negate fatigue while L-theanine reduces stress and anxiety that can interfere with recovery. (3)


    With the stress that CrossFit puts on your body, it’s important to remain hydrated, maintain optimal recovery and improve technical learning. Revival can benefit all of these factors by keeping you hydrated, enhancing learning and improving sleep. (4)

    crossfit snatch

    Endurance Athletes

    If you’re headed out for a long run or bike ride, you won’t want to forget Revival Intra-Sport. As a hydrating source of electrolytes and BCAAs, it can be the difference between staying fueled or crashing and dragging.

    As you begin to fatigue, free tryptophan crosses the blood-brain barrier (BBB). This can impact levels of arousal, mood and fatigue. (4) This is because BCAAs and tryptophan compete for the same protein carrier. As it turns out, increasing the amount of BCAAs in your system can potentially reduce the amount of tryptophan crossing the BBB.

    So maybe you’re not an athlete pushing through brutal training sessions. Maybe you’re extremely busy with work and home life, only making it to the gym a couple of times a week max. If this sounds like you, Revival can still help.

    You see, the ingredients found in Revival aren’t made up of the usual ingredients you find in intra-workouts or pre-workout supplements. Most intra-workout supplements on the market today are filled with artificial ingredients and loaded with sugar and carbohydrates to cause an insulin and energy spike and then send you crashing down 30 minutes later.

    contains L-DOPA, L-theanine, cluster dextrin, BCAAs and electrolytes that provide you with a number of benefits. Read these related articles:

    So besides athletes, who else can benefit from Revival?

    Mothers On-The-Go

    We all know that being a mother is one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling positions to be in. With the constant stress and care for others, having the tools to remain calm and nourished is extremely important.

    For busy moms on the go, Revival can provide electrolytes, amino acids and sufficient energy to help power through the day. Caitlin Browne, wife of co-founder Dane Miller, sips on Revival daily while she breastfeeds her twins. She’s also sure to have a cup of Revival handy when all 4 kids are home and the house becomes controlled chaos.

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    L-DOPA is one of the key ingredients in Revival that contributes to its feel-good effects. As the precursor to dopamine, L-DOPA has the ability to cross the BBB to help the body create this feel-good hormone.

    L-theanine is another amino acid in Revival. Also found in tea leaves, L-theanine promotes calmness and relaxation. It works by boosting levels of GABA, serotonin and dopamine. Consuming a source of L-theanine such as Revival can help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and enhance memory. These are all factors that busy mothers can benefit from without any worry about putting artificial ingredients in their body.

    Office 9-5

    Even though you’re not putting your body under physical stress, making sure your overall cognitive health and anxiety is under control is just as important. As mentioned above, Revival Intra-Sport can benefit any individual, regardless of your activity levels.

    Whether you’re running a business, a creative thinker, or managing a team of people, making sure you’re mental clarity is on point for the day is absolutely crucial for success The L-DOPA and L-theanine found in Revival can boost your dopamine levels while leveling you out to make sure you’re not a chaotic mess.

    If you’re wrapped up in work all day, chances are your nutrition is at the back of your mind. But it doesn’t have to be. Making sure you bring a thermos of Revival to work can help you fuel through your brainstorming sessions without the energy burst and crash from caffeine. This is due to the natural energy from cluster dextrin.

    Cluster dextrin is different from other high GI carbohydrates found in other intra-workouts as it provides a sustained release of energy vs. the sudden spike in blood sugar and crash in energy. For those that rely heavily on their mental clarity for optimal work ethic, this is extremely important.


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