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Creatine: The Basics

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Creatine is one of the most widely studied supplements in sports nutrition today. Some may say it's the panacea of supplements.

Who is it good for?!


There’s a misconception that only athletes can benefit from consuming this supplement when in fact everyone can benefit from adding creatine into their daily nutrition habits.

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Transcend Creatine

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Transcend Creatine

The Benefits of Creatine

There are a ridiculous amount of benefits to taking creatine. Some basic creatine benefits include:

1. Improves brain health. One study showed the effect of creatine supplementation on brain function in elderly subjects showing a significant effect, concluding that creatine does in fact aid in brain health in the elderly. (1)

2. Reduces risk of depression. One study found depressed women who supplemented with creatine had improved as soon as 2 weeks of supplementation. (2

3. Helps with sleep. Creatine was shown to help sleep-deprived individuals who had to perform complex executive tasks. (3)

4. Improves muscle in older adults. One paper, ‘Creatine Supplementation in the Elderly: is Resistance Training Really Needed?’ found that creatine (without any type of resistance training) was responsible for decreasing the rate of muscle wastage in elderly adults. (4)

5. Improves overall strength and power. In 2012 a review concluded that creatine boosts the effects of resistance training on overall strength and body mass.

6. Increases muscle size. Taking creatine can increase muscle size in resistance training individuals more than those who train but don't supplement with creatine. 


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