Protein Consumption

This is Dane's reaction when he wakes up and is about to drink his protein and kefir smoothie!!!

Many readers have emailed asking how frequently to consume our Primitive Protein.  It all depends on the volume of training and the goals of the athlete/individual.  Someone like Dane, the crazy lunatic that lifts and throws all the time, needs a fair amount of protein in his diet.  Dane was kind enough to provide us with a sneak peak into his own protein/gelatin consumption for training.

Breakfast: 1 scoop protein with kefir and banana

Pre-Workout: 4 TBSP Gelatin Pro

Post-Workout: 2 scoops protein with raw milk

Afternoon: 1 scoop Protein with Raw milk

Before Bed: Homemade protein ice cream

Dane weighs 127 kilos (280lbs), trains very frequently and has very lofty goals in the strength world.  His diet is best classified as a high fat, high carb, high protein diet.  He rarely eats junk but he does eat a lot of whole foods, milk and ice cream.  Dane drinks over a gallon of milk a day.  

What does this do for the normal person?  Here is an easy recommendation for someone who doesn't want to snatch 330lbs.

Consume 1 scoop of Primitive Protein post-workout and 3 TBSP of Gelatin Pro with coffee in the morning.  On days where you are not active, have 1 heaping scoop of Primitive Protein in the morning to kick into high anabolic gear.  Add in 1 scoop in the afternoon if you feel as though your muscles are withering away!


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