Earth Fed Muscle Seminar Summary

What a blast!!! Some of the best lifters in the United States came to the Earth Fed Muscle seminar hosted by Garage Strength.  Those lifters were in turn critiqued by Alex Lee and Norik Vardanian.  It was a great turnout and a great time.  In the first session, Dane Miller owner of EFM and Garage Strength, called out Alex Lee to a snatch off!  Alex came in on the trash talk and they both went at it.  Dane took Alex down for the victory at 143 kilos!! Alex weighs 120lbs less than Dane.  

Everyone in this picture has won a national title or placed second, except DJ (has only been lifting for 1 year).  What a great group of lifters.  Plus, Danielle Hudes, Jon Zajac and Dan Marrone were present.  Great knowledge being spit by these two class act instructors! 









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