From Danielle Hudes:
I have honestly almost never taken a protein supplement besides this one, because I never saw the worth. I knew I was putting in as much crap as I was protein and I didn't really want to deal with that. So I found these guys and not only do I totally trust the product and feel great but the protein TASTES SO GOOD. Even if you don't care about the nutrition label you should STILL drink this because it is just delicious. The men behind the mission are awesome people who know what they're doing and put their heart into sport so I trust them and appreciate them so much.
From Coach Jerry walsh
Crossfit supercharged
Shawshank Barbell Club
Daddis Mixed Martial Arts:
I've been the head coach of CrossFit supercharged/ Shawshank Barbell club for over two years, with some time as an assistant coach at our Martial arts school as well. During that time we've had countless supplement companies try to get their products on our shelves by either dropping off free samples,  literature regarding the products ect, but nothing ever stood out to get us to pull the trigger. That was until I met the earthfedmuscle crew. Their steadfast stance on only putting healthy ingredients into everything they make was what got us, after years of searching , to finally trust a company to supply our athletes with a superior product.  I knew we were getting great supplements but what I didn't expect was the amount of follow up support we have gotten from earthfedmuscle since we teamed up. The day I rode up to the farm to get our first Order they spent an hour answering all my questions that I, or our athletes may have. Fast forward a few hours and I had a few more questions regarding our fighters and how creatine can help their training and the fear they have gaining weight. Dane spent another half hour teaching me how to  best use the creatine for them.  He also wrote a blog that night and had it posted for our fighters the very next day.  When it comes down to it these guys care about athlete performance and it shows in everything they do, not many companies can claim that.  My entire truck was filled up with both chocolate and  strawberry protein along with a huge stack of creatine and our shelves are almost bare Just a few weeks later. Our athletes are drunk off the taste and are following the coaches lead about caring about the quality of earthfedmuscle ingredients. We can't wait to try the vanilla.  

From Leif Arrhenius:

Earth fed muscle protein, and creatine are top of the line products. They taste amazing and they work.   Being a professional track athlete, I not only want supplements that work but that are clean also.  These products are all natural and clean.    No funny business. I used to worry about whether certain supplements contained banned substances, etc. but I now don't have to worry at all.    I know that taking these products will help me reach my potential. 


From Angel Revie:

I have always been hesitant to put any kind of supplement into my body.  I always opt for real, whole food when possible but sometimes you just don't have the time or energy and need something NOW.  Enter Earth Fed Muscle.  I had no hesitation trying their products out because the ingredients speak for themselves.  Minimal.  Organic.  Non-GMO.  When it comes to things you ingest on a daily basis, you deserve the best, highest quality stuff.  And this is it.  I have nothing bad to say about this except it went too fast!  The Primitive Protein was SUPER easy to mix with water (I just dumped a scoop into my mason jar, twisted the lid on and shook- no lumps!).  Super super smooth and ultra easy to drink.  I've tried it before, during and after a training session and I always feel great.  I am very happy I discovered Earth Fed Muscle and will surely be a lifelong customer.  Can't wait to try the Strawberry!!
Thanks again for having higher standards than most and creating a top notch product!

 From Kelsey:

"100% positive I have found the best protein ever made. Nothing has ever tasted as good as this. Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate, certified organic cocoa powder (non-GMO), and certified organic stevia extract powder (non-GMO) 1 scoop contains 114 calories and over 22g of protein.
The stuff you are buying at other places is garbage. I used to buy my protein at GNC that has tons of fillers in it, and I will never go back to that ever again. I am officially a proud supporter and customer of Earth Fed Muscle!
If you are interested in buying this they have a website
www.earthfedmuscle.com Give them a try, I promise you won't regret it!!‪#‎KHwinterchallenge‬ @earthfedmuscle ‪#‎khfitgirls‬ ‪#‎earthfedmuscle‬"



From Dan Marrone:

Have been using the Primitive Protein for about 3 weeks. I've really enjoyed the taste, VERY minimal and pronounceable ingredients. I think the important part however is I feel a lot better taking it vs other brands. Other stuff made me feel very bloated, gross and super tired from whatever bullshit fillers gets put in. Primitive Protein has definitely has helped me recover faster from hard training and will continue to use.


From Sean Denard:

Dane Miller has positioned himself within the foundation of power sports from the Elite to Grassroots Levels. Garage Training, Facilities and Resources are reflective of Dane’s passion for the wholistic growth of strength in life. His latest venture, Earth Fed Muscle-Primitive Protein, is yet another example of Garage Strength’s commitment to first class products from the Elite to the Grassroots consumer. If your training reflects your life, if you value Earth Cultivated, Harvested, and Refined organic ingredients try Earth Fed Muscles’ Primitive Protein.

The Nutrition received through daily supplementations of Primitive Protein has aided my muscles in recovery, stamina and power development. Key Amino Acids, Potassium and Whey Protein servings, taken twice a day during a three-week development cycle aided in the production of massive lifetime bests in selected exercises of focus: my Hang Clean Max increased by 30 Kilograms and the following day I hit a 50 Kilogram Personal best in the Back Jerk.

Whether you are training at The Garage-or in Your Garage-when utilizing this product with proper training principles, equipment and facilities I feel very confident in recommending this nutrition supplement to athletes from the Elite to Grassroots level, in power sports and beyond for the goal of increasing recovery, building powerful muscles and improving stamina in completing selected and focused strength training goals.
Sean Denard, Throws Coach


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